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Use these tips everyday to get top cashback on all your shopping.


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    Top Cashback Tips eBook

    Version: 1.0

    Before you start, please download the latest version by clicking here

    In this short report, I am revealing you all the details, how to get paid for shopping from now on

    and how to receive Cashback from your own shopping almost every time and everywhere.

    These secrets are only known by a few internet users and online shoppers. From now on never

    pay the full price again when you shop, because you dont need to do it anymore!

    I have to admit, that I am very lucky and thankful for having this information that now I am

    sharing with you. You will learn how to get Cashback for almost for everything and everywhere

    in the World.

    This is one of the most useful information I found in the last few years and honestly I have not

    found any other solution yet, that would offer the same advantages! It helped me to save a lot

    on all my shoppings and that is really amazing, you will see it soon.

    I told some of my friends about this information explained in the text; I also showed them some

    examples and the amazing savings online so that they could see with their own eyes, and

    literally everybody "got crazy" about it.

    My friends asked me to write down everything about it, how I did it, because it is too valuable

    information to keep in secret under wraps and share it with just a few people.

    This free 27 pages ebook shows you all the steps, how I did it and how you can follow the same

    practice, too. You will be amazed, how simply it works. It is really easy, but let us say a couple

    words about this hidden Cashback shopping method

    but do you know what the best of is? IT IS COMPLETELY FREE!

    I wish you happy shopping, use this info for your own advantage!

    What is Cashback?

    Every purchase you make entitles you to monthly Cashback rewards. It means, that you will get

    money back so-called Cashback from all your shopping almost for everything you buy and

    anywhere. Just log in before you make a purchase to ensure that youll receive your Cashback.

    Lets me show you the details of how you can receive big cashbacks. I am sure, you will like it.

  • Top Cashback Tips All rights reserved 2013

    Here is the Ultimate Shopping Solution with Cashback:

    Step 1: Register on the DubLi website it is free and only takes one minute.

    Click here to register now for free. On the site click the link (on the top right).

    The free registration process is easy, just fill in your name and email, then choose a password

    and username, finally agree to Privacy Policies and click the green Sign Up button. Thats it.

    Here is the free registration screenshot:

    Step 2: Click on the confirm link in the Confirmation email

    At once you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive it in a few minutes, it might

    have landed in your spam folder, please check it.

    In the confirmation email you find a clickable link, just click on it and youre done.

    In case you would not receive the confirmation email, you can contact the Customer Support

    (link at the bottom of the page) OR simply register with another email, if you wish so.

    Step 3: Login into your new DubLi backoffice

    Login into your new DubLi backoffice with your Email (or Username) and Password. This is the

    last step necessary to finish the registration process successfully.

    Congratulations, you are done! Click here to register now, then we can move further to the next step. If you have registered

    the registration takes about a minute please come back to continue

    Step 4: After you have registered and logged in, you will see the following.

    (Note: Please take the time and discover the site and the backoffice in more detail, because it

    has a lot more advantages and benefits, than its shown in this short report).

  • Top Cashback Tips All rights reserved 2013

  • Top Cashback Tips All rights reserved 2013


    Explanation of the most important Menus in the Control Center:

    My Profile: Your personal data (Address, Username and Password Change.)

    Hint: Before you make your first purchase with Cashback through DubLi, fill in your missing

    Address. This way DubLi knows where to send your goods. I think that makes sense

    My Membership: After registration, you automatically become a free member that entitles you

    to a lot of advantages and really big cashbacks. You receive your cashbacks usually in 30 days

    and can spend the money anywhere you want. However there are 2 other memberships to

    consider and to choose from: the Premium and the V.I.P. memberships with a lot more

    advantages (details later).

    As far me, I chose the V.I.P. Membership, because it gives me an additional +6% Cashback

    monthly from my purchases and a lot of other advantages I cant get anywhere else. According

    to my experience the annual V.I.P. subscription price could pay for itself in about 2 days for

    example by making a hotel reservation anywhere in the world or by shopping for only a few

    items in the Mall. All in all this is by far the best choice. You will see the detailed extra V.I.P.

    benefits lower in this report and can decide about your membership Upgrade later.

  • Top Cashback Tips All rights reserved 2013

    Cash Organizer: All cashback & funds earned on will be transferred to your Cash

    Organizer. You may select from different options: to keep the money in your Cash Organizer, or

    you may transfer the money to your DubLi Prepaid Debit MasterCard, or to your local bank


    DubLi MasterCard: The DubLi Prepaid Debit MasterCard will work just like any other Prepaid

    MasterCard debit card. The card is accepted at all locations where Debit MasterCard is

    accepted worldwide. You can use the card at point-of-sale locations or online to make

    purchases, and at ATMs to withdraw cash. You can also load funds directly from your Cash

    Organizer onto your DubLi Prepaid Debit MasterCard.

    According to DubLi: To qualify, you must be over the age of 18, have an active V.I.P. or Premium

    Membership subscription and have been an active V.I.P. or Premium Membership for at least 90

    days. You will be automatically notified when you are eligible to apply for your DubLi Prepaid

    Debit MasterCard and you will see a notification when you log into your DubLi account.

    Membership Upgrade/Change: Here you can check your Membership status, change your

    payment details and choose an upgrade option to Premium or V.I.P. as it has already been

    mentioned above.

    Cashback: Here you can see the detailed list about your pending and already paid cashbacks.

    Usually if you buy something, the cashback is paid within 30-60 days for you and you can spend

    it as you wish.

    You do NOT even have to spend it on the DubLi site, if you dont want to, because it is your

    money - your choice. If you have a missing cashback, you can report it here within 90 days and

    they will take care about it. I am absolutely satisfied with this cashback service. Honestly I was

    really surprised and a little bit thrilled too, when I saw how much money I left on the table

    unnecessary up to now. You know, before I started using DubLis cashback service, I made all my

    travels & shopping without this cashback as everyone else does it. As I added up my usual yearly

    expenses and counted them, I was amazed. If I Had been using DubLi earlier, I could have

    made about $5000 $6000 cashback annually! I COULD have saved $5000 $6000/Year! But

    better late than never comparing that huge annual saving with my $99 (99 in Europe) yearly

    V.I.P. fee is really like a gift.

    Regarding the other Menus not listed here: DubLi has tons of other Features and advantages

    you can discover later.

    I listed here only the menus that are according to my experience the most important for a

    user. With this knowledge you can navigate really quickly and purposefully through the DubLi


  • Top Cashback Tips All rights reserved 2013

    Detailed Feature List:

  • Top Cashback Tips All rights reserved 2013

  • Top Cashback Tips All rights reserved 2013

    Shopping and Travel short Overview:

    Shopping Travel

    Up to 70% Cashback from your Shopping Up to 14% Cashback from your Travel costs.

    I do not know larger Cashback than this. Hotel & Rental Cars Lowest Travel Prices in

    Starting from now you can shop in your Most cases Worldwide. This way you can Save

    Favourite Stores and get Cashback... Up to 60 % off the usual Prices with the Cashback

    Notice: For me the first surprise was as I checked the hotel and car rental prices and realized,

    that in most cases (lets say 95%) DubLi has the lowest travel prices in the World, if you count in

    the Cashback % (up to 14% for hotels and up to 10% for car rentals).

    I have experienced, that the Hotel rates are much lower than the usual market prices, so if we would deduct the Cashback, in most it would result 30 60 % discount in comparison with any other available price offer for the same hotel!! There is a way (as a V.I.P.), that you can ensure yourself the highest cashback, the