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With an immense geographical diversity, varied landscapes and different climates, India offers an array of activities that satisfies one's urge for adventure.


  • 1. TopTopTopTop FiveFiveFiveFive AdventuresAdventuresAdventuresAdventures InInInIn IndiaIndiaIndiaIndiaWith an immense geographical diversity, varied landscapes and different climates, Indiaoffers an array of activities that satisfies ones urge for adventure. If you are looking for funand some hard core adventure then we have the perfect list of activities that you should trywhile on a vacation in India. It will not only get your adrenaline pumping but also makeyou tough both mentally and physically.MountainMountainMountainMountain BikingBikingBikingBiking InInInIn LadakhLadakhLadakhLadakhBiking in the Himalayas is an adventure packed activity that will enable you to taste thelocal flavor and culture. Skirted by huge mountain ranges and tough roads, thisadventurous ride is full of surprises. Biking through the trails at your own speed andstopping at the small hamlets, the journey lets you completely explore the place. The sightof various monasteries with monks dressed in their red and bright yellow robes andmingling with locals of the small villages, all the while enjoying the view of snow-cladHimalayas- all this make the trail memorable.
  • 2. ScubaScubaScubaScuba divingdivingdivingdiving inininin AndamansAndamansAndamansAndamansDiscover the secret world underwater of Andaman Islands with its diverse marines andcolorful corals. Popular for scuba diving with its pristine beaches and crystal clear water,this wonderful island lets you explore the marine life and treasure of the world ofunderwater. This is the activity that you should not miss while in India.
  • 3. White-waterWhite-waterWhite-waterWhite-water RaftingRaftingRaftingRafting InInInIn RishikeshRishikeshRishikeshRishikeshRafting in the mystic river of Ganges is full of excitement and thrill and definitely a must-dowhile on your trip to India. Tackling the wild and untamed rapids of the waves is the mostchallenging part after which you flow in the river along with your raft. It is truly an amazingexperience that will linger in your mind for long.
  • 4. GameGameGameGame DriveDriveDriveDrive InInInIn RanthamboreRanthamboreRanthamboreRanthambore NationalNationalNationalNational ParkParkParkParkEmbark on an exciting forest trail in the wilderness of Ranthambore national park and spota variety of wildlife in their habitat. Located in the state of Rajasthan and spread over anarea of about 500 sq. km, the national park is known for its tiger population. So you reallyhave a good chance of seeing a tiger on your jungle safari.
  • 5. SkiingSkiingSkiingSkiing InInInIn Gulmarg,Gulmarg,Gulmarg,Gulmarg, KashmirKashmirKashmirKashmirOne of the best place for skiing, Gulmarg takes immense pride in its ski- resorts. Withpristine pastoral setting, the place is well-known for its beauty and natural splendor. It is agood place to try skiing for the amateurs and novices. You can also go for gondola ridesover the steep mountain slopes of Himalayas and enjoy the breathtaking view of snow-capped peaks. The experience would be totally remarkable and exhilarating.
  • 6. There are large numbers of beautiful and famous tourist adventures destinations in Indiawhich attracts the tourist a lot. From beaches to temples, exotic wildlife, hill regions,heritage places, India plays a host to variety of wonderful things. Make India trip by GetsHolidays and explore all these.