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My top 8 industry trends in WCM for 2010.


  • 1. Web and Enterprise 2.0 A new age for Content Management 18-jun-2009 David Nuescheler CTO / Day Software Spec-Lead JCR (JSR-170 & JSR-283) Committer & Member of the Apache Software Foundation

2. Content-Centric Infrastructure David Nuescheler Chief Technology Officer David Nuescheler Jackrabbit Committer / Member David Nuescheler JSR-170 Spec Lead 2 3. Agenda ECM History A brief look back Trends 2009+. 8 business issues and their impact on CMS architecture Q&A any questions? Modern Architecture Showcasing CQ 52 CMS Architecture Concerns in 2009. 4. History of ECM DM 5. History of ECM RM 6. The Promise of ECM DM Platform Content Repository RM BPM 7. The Reality of ECM DM Repository WCM DAM WF WF Repository Repository WF 1985 C/C++ 1998 TCL 2000 Java Win32 Acquired in96 Acquired in99 Borland Delphi no-linuxsupport developerleft compiler eol static websites requiresjdk1.3 EJB2.0 requires IIS5 8. The Reality of ECM 9. Platform Not Found Error please reboot. 10. Agenda ECM History A brief look back Trends 2009+. 8 business issues and their impact on CMS architecture Q&A any questions? Modern Architecture Showcasing CQ 52 CMS Architecture Concerns in 2009. 11. Rebooting ECM Web means Business. Business means Web. 12. Rebooting ECM Its WebContent Management -1998- WebSite 13. Rebooting ECM Its Web ContentManagement -2008- GeneralPurpose 14. Rebooting ECM Nutrition Facts Serving Size 1 ECM Platform 2009+ Amount Per Serving Calories from Duct Tape 0 % of Daily Value** Solid Web Platform Business Agility Cloud & Saas Ready Driving OpenSource Content Infrastructure Standards Duct Tape 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 0% * Duct Tape is not only introduced into old and crusty solutions some of the brand new solutions are slapped together from a bunch of open source projects. ** Based on a healthy diet for Enterprises leveraging the Web as an important means of driving business. 15. Agenda ECM History A brief look back Trends 2009+. 8 business issues and their impact on CMS architecture Q&A any questions? Modern Architecture Showcasing CQ 52 CMS Architecture Concerns in 2009. 16. 1 2 3 4 6 7 85 8 Top Industry Trends 2009+ 17. Good-bye Vendor Lock-in. 18. SCM DAMDM SOCIAL WCM PIM COLLAB RM Introducing the CM Cloud 19. Many different usecases. Little agreement. 20. There is light. The Content Repository. All disciplines of CM agree on the existence and the featureset of a content repository 21. A Content Repository!? RDBMS FEATURES OF AN FILESYSTEM FEATURES OF A YOU ALWAYS WANTED GOODSTUFF ALL THE OTHER + Transactions, Query, Structure, Integrity Binaries, Hierarchy, Locking, Access Control Unstructured, Versioning, Full-text, Multi-Value, Sort-Order, Observation CONTENT REPOSITORY 22. 22 Introducing JCR 170 283 23. 23 JCR Adoption Tracking success 24. Known Compliant Repositories(* partially using 3rd party connectors) ApacheJackrabbit OracleXMLDB Exo ECMSPlatform Microsoft Sharepoint OpenTextLivelink DayCRX IBMFileNetP8 XythosRepository AlfrescoECM VignetteV7 Interwoven Repository IBMCM/Domino EMCDocumentum +hundredsofTCKsregistered Saperion Archive 25. Sourcemix Sourcemix Percussion Rhythmix Lutece Portal QuickWCM WCMS Jahia Framework Hippo CMS InfoQ OnlineCommunityNuxeoECM Sakai E-learning TYPO3 v5.0WCMGXWebManager Exo ECMSPlatform Liferay EnterprisePortal Artifactory MavenProxy IBMFileNet WebSiteManagerApacheJames medic-2-medic mapofmedicine DayCommuniqu WCMS ApacheTapestry DayCommunique Collab QSLabs ComplianceApache Cocoon AlfrescoECMS ApacheSling Mindquarry Collaboration DayCommunique DAMmagnoliaWCMS JBossPortal Some known JCR Applications Sun OpenPortal Interface21 SpringFramework Fast EnterpriseSearchOracleWebCenterBEAPortal 26. Introducing CMIS. PROPOSED TO OASIS SEPT 2008 V0.5 27. 1 2 3 4 6 7 85 8 Top Industry Trends 2009+ 28. Application Integration 29. Application & WCM 1.0 pre 2008 WebApps WebSitesmiles portals businessapps extranets commerce 30. 30 Applications & WCM 2.0 title header nav container content content Content Block Label Label Label OKCancel Progress labelExternal Application content block labels 31. WCM 2.0 Needs to consume and host many different applications : JSR-168 & JSR-286 Portlets Google Gadgets Arbitrary existing External Web Applications Native custom built Application Components 32. Remember me? The Portlet-less Portal Paradox. 33. Gadget Galore. Weather? 122 Gadgets. Traffic? 152 Gadgets. Clock? 137 Gadgets. Choose from over 40k. 34. Mash it up... 35. Drag & Drop Integration applications, portlets,gadgets 36. 1 2 3 4 6 7 85 8 Top Industry Trends 2009+ 37. Business Agility 38. Business Agility Evolution. Technologymust supportbusinessevolution 39. CONTENT Adapt quickly in changing markets 1 2 3 STRUCTURE LOGIC ...wellthatswhy youhaveaCMS. 40. Data First. Your data model is going to be... ...WRONG. itisjustamatteroftime 41. Data First ... allows to be unstructured where convenient ... does not burden you with technicalities of model evolution 42. OSGI. Your application is going to be... ...OUTDATED. ...orbuggy. 43. OSGI ... update and patch your applications at runtime ... extend your application without downtime ... modularize and isolate your applications 44. 1 2 3 4 6 7 85 8 Top Industry Trends 2009+ 45. Search Engine Optimization 46. REST Learn to REST. dothingstheweb-way 47. 47 Roy Fielding Chief Scientist Day Software Co-Founder and Creator of Apache WebServer Project Co-Author of HTTP, URL, standard specification Founder of the Apache Software Foundation VP of the Apache WebServer project Author of the Apache license Creator of the term REST 48. Its the Web. URLs matter. .../product.jsp?id=12346 Mistake1:AddressingtheScript Mistake2:.jsp?Whattheheck? Mistake3: Passinginthis 49. Reclaiming the web. RESTful URL decomposition /cars/audi/s4.details.html Content RepositoryPath ...selectsa particularscript 50. 1 2 3 4 6 7 85 8 Top Industry Trends 2009+ 51. Users, not surfers. 52. Users, are users, are users. 10 22 2 10 3 2 10 4 Authors Intranet Public 53. User Profile Management ContentRepository EveryUserofthewebsitehasa Profile/UserHome AccessControlled Authenticated HighlyScalable Private file upload Name, Email, ... User Licenses & User Statistics Registration and Forms content Segmentation & Group Information User Private WebPages 54. Real World User Content UserPages&Files Registration 55. User Generated Content Tightly Integrated Start small and without entry barrier Control all user generated content using flexible workflows for approval Built for Enterprise Class DMZ and Load Balancing environments 56.

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XSS Protection #1 Attack Vector on Web-Apps: Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Needs sensible, not rigorous, escaping of HTML Built-in XSS Protection Library - used in all Social Collab components & your JSPs Configurable white list for flexible degree of freedom to user generated content

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57. DMZ Reverse Replication Accept Content from Publisher Standard ECM/WCM Architecture: Content is created at Author node, then published Content can be created at Publisher as well Reverse Replication will fetch user-generated content and apply workflow, moderation Single point of content consolidation & moderation Author Publish Publish Publish Load Balancer Load Balancer Moderation Workflow User PostsContent 58. 1 2 3 4 6 7 85 8 Top Industry Trends 2009+ 59. Targeting, Personalization, MVT 60. Baking vs. Frying Baked (Static Delivery) 1 Fried (Dynamic Delivery) 2 61. PullRealtime Analytics/Reports Built-in Analytics AnyEvent (Click) SendEvent AnalyticsServer (embedded) Plug-ableAggregator PersistallAnalyticsInformationin theContentRepository AnalyzesRequestinformation(user, content,event,...) StoreAnalyticsData 62. Built-in Real-time Analytics customizable toanyreportand personalization 63. Content targeting, Rules Engine Rules based on: (1) User Profile Information (2) Clickstream (3) (External) Search Term (4) Whois IP information Scriptable and Extensible Rules 64. Clickstream Cloud Implicit, Targeted, Dynamic Contextualized Content 65. Clickstream Cloud Match Company Investor Standard GoodMatch Company Investor Standard CRX BetterMatch Company Investor Standard CRX 66. 1 2 3 4 6 7 85 8 Top Industry Trends 2009+ 67. Web 2.0, Ajax, Flash & Flex 68. JavaScript Web 2.0: AJAX directfull access 69. ActionScript Web 2.0: Flex directfull access 70. ActionScript Web 2.0: Flash directfull access 71. 1 2 3 4 6 7 85 8 Top Industry Trends 2009+ 72. Cloudy - Stormy Traffic 73. Storm Traffic Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 server1server2server3 74. Scaling Options in ECM 1 2 Ostrich-style 1. Configuring Clusters Several steps are needed to setup a Communiqu 4.x cluster with CRX 1.4 TarPM. Copyright 1993-2008 Day Software AG Configuring Clusters PDF Created : 19.10.2008 14:09:59 Page 1/1 ! ! "#$%!&!'(!&)*! +,-!.,/!0'12%12!-#1#$%3!45! 0'1(6$7361$!86$9!:;#6