Top 8 kitchen design trends in 2014

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When designing a kitchen you want tomorrows look not yesterdays. There are some kitchen design Trends that will make your kitchen more beautiful and efficient in 2014. For more information visit


<ul><li>1.Welcome To Kitchen DesignTrends In 2014. </li></ul> <p>2. When Designing A Kitchen You Want Tomorrows Look Not Yesterdays. 3. Here Are The 8 kitchen Design Trends That Will Make Your Kitchen Awesome In 2014. 4. 1. Black Countertops More Homeowners Will Be Choosing Black Countertops For Their Kitchen Redesign. This Adds Sophistication And, When Paired With Lighter Materials, Provides 5. 2. Darker Colors Many Homeowners Are Expressing Interest In Dark Paint Colors For The Kitchen. Black, Dark Red, Deep Brown And Copper Are Generating A Buzz. 6. 3. Black And White The Pairing Of Black Countertops Or Walls With Painted White Cabinetry Is Impactful. Both Black And White Elements Deliver Clean Lines And The Sharp Contrast Adds Depth. 7. 4. Open Shelving And Glass-Front Cabinets Open Shelving And Glass-Front Cabinets Are Great For Any Kitchen Style. 8. 5. Sleek Stainless-Steel Stainless-steel Instantly Transforms The kitchen Into A Sleek And Professional Space. 9. 6. Backsplashes Especially Behind The Hob, Are Turning Out To Be A Very Popular Trend In 2014. 10. 7. Lighting Colours Arent The Only Way To Bring A New Style To Your Kitchen, Lighting Can Make A Huge Difference. 11. 8. Marble Alternatives You Cant Deny That Marble Countertops Are A Beautiful Addition To Any Kitchen Design. 12. KitchensSquared.Com.Au- An Award Winning Kitchen &amp; Bathroom Renovation Comapny In Melbourne </p>