Top 7 Tips on creating Painted Kitchen Cabinets

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Top 7 Tips on creating Painted Kitchen CabinetsKitchen is the most important area for any home and needs to be designed with perfection. Right furniture, colors and area defines the right kitchen space for an ideal home. Similar to the designer bathroom furniture, you also need to create cabinets for kitchen with perfection and right module. Hiring professional interior designer will certainly help to get the best result. Many homeowners commit mistakes while designing the kitchen cabinets.

This article presents you with top 7 tips on creating painted kitchen cabinet that will be visually appealing in all sense. However, we need to first learn the mistakes homeoweners do in designing kitchen cabinets:

Having Unrealistic Expectations:

No doubt, painted cabinets look wonderful but won't go smooth. They have visible open grain and marks that can create bad impression. Kitchen is the area where marks and stains are regular.

Not Cleaning of Wood:

Another reason for unimpressive kitchen cabinets is the laziness shown while cleaning the wood area of the kitchen. Homeowners generally avoid cleaning the area on the regular basis, which is actually important to do. You need to clean the area, especially oil-covered by paint-prep degreaser.

Skipping of Sanding:

Even if your cabinet is designed with perfection, you will need to still sand the area so that the paint will remain for long years. You can use sandpaper and give the surface quick buffing.

Surface isn't Dust Free:

Even after vacuuming the cabinet surface. You may add gritty finish which will look as painted over sand.

Let us now check tips on creating painted kitchen cabinets:

Adding wood in cabinet surface:

Unfinished and stained wooden cabinet doesn't look impressive. It is better to avoid laminating the cabinet because it won't last long.

Prepping is important as Painting:

You need to begin with emptying the cabinets and cleaning thoroughly. This will bring down the grease and dirt from the cabinet. Make sure you paint-free parts such as hinges, countertops and appliances. You can use wood filler to repair the holes. Also use sand cabinets that work well on flat areas.

Primer is good option:

Priming is crucial, and do go for oil primer and paint adheres to long term. You can even go for waterborne paint, which is something like latex-oil combo. If you are going from dark to light cabinet, you can consider tinting the primer to match final color.

Spring for Quality Painting:

It is advised to go for quality painting. There are some good paint brands that can be used for kitchen cabinet painting.

Sating and Semigloss:

If you are applying matte paint on kitchen cabinets, you will need a surface which is durable and wipeable. You don't have to pain for next few years.

It is better to hire a professional who can help you in painted kitchen cabinet and designer bathroom furniture to get best result for long term and increase the value of your home. Designer Bathroom Furniture - Painted Kitchen Cabinets -