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<p>Top 5 Trends Influencing Workplace DesignOpen-office Spaces1</p> <p>21345</p> <p>Modularity 2Cut the Clutter3Biophilic Design4Paint your Path to Success5</p> <p>1. Open-office SpacesOpen offices will continue to shape work environments in 2016 as it facilitates collaboration</p> <p>Increase in speed and accuracy of work as a result of switching from closed offices to open offices440%</p> <p>Respondents believe that open office plans promote better behaviors through visible detection81%</p> <p>Believe that when employees are visible to one another, they are less likely commit ethics violations60%</p> <p>Millennial are collaborators and they dont like to isolate themselvesSource: JLL, Alliance Interiors; Bdcnetwork</p> <p>2. Modularity</p> <p>Source: Bdcnetwork; Alliance Interiors</p> <p>3. Cut the Clutter</p> <p>State of Mind</p> <p>77%65%53%Productivity</p> <p>Happiness</p> <p>40%The office is filled with clutter for 90% of the workplace, affecting their:Activity based design1</p> <p>Office privacy pods2</p> <p>MotivationEmployees performance and productivity increases through decluttering of office spacesSource: Bloomberg, Alliance Interiors; Office Max</p> <p>4. Biophilic DesignPlants and greenery in the office are not only for decor12%20%5 dBPlants enhance productivity in the office and decrease stress by 12%Proper placement of plants throughout the office can lower heating and cooling costs by 20%Plants help reduce office noise: an indoor hedge can absorb up to 5 decibels</p> <p>Biophilic Design</p> <p>Source: Alliance Interiors; Plant Culture Inc</p> <p>Enhances feelings of strength and energy; associated with vitality and ambitionRedYellowGreenTransmits honesty, calmness, security and confidenceBlue</p> <p>COLORSThe psychology of Perfect choice for environments that emphasize balance and calamityStimulates creativity and makes people feel optimistic, clear-headed and alert</p> <p>5.Paint your Path to SuccessSource: Bloomberg, Alliance Interiors</p>