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2. Top 5 Personal Uses
For Car Magnets
3. Are you looking to personalize your vehicle? Car signs can be a much more affordable alternative to a custom paint job and are used a variety of very common ways.
Car magnets are one of the most affordable and fun signs, and in some ways have replaced the bumper sticker.
4. Cause Awareness
This is most common seen form of car magnets. Cause magnets cuts to the shape of ribbons can custom colored to fit the cause. Pink for breast cancer awareness, yellow for military support, etc.
5. Weddings
Consider ordering car magnets for an upcoming wedding to place on the happy couples car as they drive away. Rather then simply painting on the windows this is a sign they can cherish forever.
6. Graduation
Congratulate your graduation with car magnets. Much better then shoes polish and a great to bring focus to the great achievement.
7. Sports
Everyone loves to rally around their favorite team, whether its high school or professional sports. Magnetic signs are a great way to support your team on game days without your sign wearing out or washing off.
8. Cover-up Business Signage
Homeowners associations arent always favorable to vehicle advertising, and sometimes stipulate that no business signage is allowed. If your vehicle has permanent signage, blank car magnets are a great way to temporarily cover it up.
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