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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Top 5 most popular Wedding Themes</p> <p>Many couples find idea of conventional weddings utterly boring and so they want it to be more fun. </p> <p>Speaking of fun at the marriage ceremony, it can be achieved by having a theme for your wedding. </p> <p>Theme weddings are light-hearted, interactive and a casual event which your guests remember for life.</p> <p>While choosing a theme for your wedding, it is good to consider few important points. You must choose a theme which tells a lot about how you and your partner are as a couple.</p> <p>The theme should be easily accessible for your guests. After all being a part of your big day should excite the guests instead of making it look like a homework.Call on us: +918696911111</p> <p>1. A Beach Theme Wedding:</p> <p>A beach theme wedding is not a beach wedding but one that looks like a beach wedding. You can gather all the elements of a beach wedding and have them decorated all around the venue. It should be decorated in a way that the attire of bride &amp; groom and the guests should speak for itself that any on-looker could understand your wedding theme. </p> <p>Call on us: +918696911111</p> <p>2. A Wine Wedding Theme:</p> <p>Call on us: +918696911111If you are into wine and can understand its significance beyond calling it booze, you will get the beauty of a wine wedding theme. In a Wine Wedding theme, there will be a lot of wine, the rarest ones people even heard of. You can share your favorite pictures of the time you were having Wine with your partner. You can use this picture on the background or in a slideshow.</p> <p> </p> <p>Call on us: +9186969111113. A Pirate Wedding theme:Ask the decorators to decorate the venue as if it is an old saloon of a deck of a pirate ship. For your pirate costume, you can have hooks for hands, an eye patch and peg legs to actually look like pirate. Plus, using a treasure chest to keep wedding gifts is also a great idea.</p> <p> </p> <p>Call on us: +9186969111114. A Sports Wedding ThemeIt doesnt need you to be a person who is deeply into sports to have a sports wedding theme for your wedding. At a wedding theme like this, all you need to decide a sport and get dressed like a player of that game. It can be Golf, Baseball, Cricket, Soccer or anything you want. Decorating wont be a trouble as well; all you need is the props of that game. Having a little sport souvenir as the wedding invitation card is a great idea.</p> <p>Call on us: +9186969111115. A Las Vegas Wedding ThemeWhen you hear Las Vegas, first thing that strikes your head is a casino bar or in a more general term, gambling. So, hire a few roulette tables, have a Vegas-Style Dealer and you have a Las Vegas Theme Styled wedding.Having a wedding theme is one of the grandest styles of getting married in this generation, plus all it needs is your imagination. You can choose anything as a theme. Go for a scroll invitation card with Casino printed on it. </p> <p>ReadiprintArvind MargM. I. RoadJaipur 302001</p> <p>Email</p> <p>Phone+91 8696 911 111</p> <p>Website : </p>