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1. Whats in a name? Yes really, you wouldnt want to be fooled into believing that this web destination is meant only for the fairer sex just because the name suggests that. As a matter of fact, The Brunette Diaries has something for everyone girls, guys, young, not-so- young, single, committed, married everyone! A strong woman can influence almost everything, and her diary could be treated as a holy tablet on which the fate of the world is engraved. The Brunette Diaries is a website that is extremely interesting, and its articles are canny, uncommon yet relevant. Even the style of writing makes the articles particularly engaging. The researchwork done on each article is evident by the comprehensive coverage of topics. This website covers fashion, lifestyle, recipes, and Bollywood. Its a favorite with many and definitely a must visit! Link - 2. This destination is exclusively for women. Its focus is on keeping women in the center-stage and addressing their concerns while lending out an ear for their unspoken words. If you are a homemaker who yearns to stay engaged with the world and have a life outside the home then Womens Web is the place for you. But its also for those who are independent, yet not. This website provides a wide variety of self-development articles for the empowerment of women in India. The style of writing is quirky and engaging and the target audience is quite obviously women of all ages. Link - 3. Kaya is a Sanskrit term for beautiful skin. And thats exactly what this lifestyle site offers. Its a one-stop-shop for all your lifestyle and beauty needs. Whether it is fashion, health, relationships or celebrities, this website has it all. It is the perfect mix of glamour and reality that features top news from the fashion and health industries and Bollywood. It also features in-depth interviews and videos of professionals in different fields. Link - 4. This is one lifestyle website which has a unique layout and interesting articles written by a dedicated group of writers. From beauty to health to cooking to home dcor, this website has it all. If you are especially interested in learning about home gardening, this website helps a lot. Although, I must mention, the articles tend to be a bit too short with little detail which leaves me, at most times, desiring more. Link - 5. This lifestyle website is a publication of and is an interesting destination for gorging on the latest fashion trends, food, health and spirituality. The lifestyle articles give out expert advice on various topics, while also providing an ever-so- helpful guide to other destinations that offer similar information.