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  1. 1. Set Future of Your Brand Today
  2. 2. News Paper Viva-voce TelevisionRadio Now Digital Signage 1st gen 2nd gen 3rd gen 4th gen People use to Increase mouth of words About their brand It is the form of print media People hear Ad on the radio And know about Product/services Recently the craze Of Tv ads is on its peak.
  3. 3. Your Customers Your Brand SIGNAGE Journey Other Way of Advertising Where customers are Reaching to target customers should be your goal The way you reach is not a big deal. Builds a special way to reach to right customers
  4. 4. Digital Signage is 100% Successful 42% watches if self 30% Brings others to watch 23% Viva-voce More Audience = More Popularity 70% 30% People Watch Mouth of Words Your ad travels faster than your competitors Digital screens for branding is easy to Manage
  5. 5. In todays world, branding is moving around digital signage systems. Latest trends in digital signage raise customers attention towards your brand.
  6. 6. More Screen = High Selling 2 Ads on Smartphone 3 Avoid Mistakes 5 Attention on Peoples Choice 4 Latest Trends 1Bigger is better & Stronger Hot Trends: Todays Digital Signage Trends
  7. 7. Clear Visibility If your digital signage display is large then it is more attractive. Audience can watch your ad even from long distance. 1 2 Grabs More Attention Less Ambiguity3 Stress-free vision to audience Fly In The Sky Target Completed Customers Will Take Interest in Your Ad You know why bigger screen is better?
  8. 8. Increase Popularity More screen catches more audience. Many people will know about your brand. 1 2 Reaches To More Customers Growth Of Selling3 Along with popularity, selling will become high. Fly In The Sky Target Completed Its a common that more screens means more advertising which directly means more customers. So never think about fewer screens.
  9. 9. Location Based Ads Going with smartphone ads will convince various people about your brand.. Sending ads when the customer is in your area is quite beneficial. 1 2 Convinces More Customers Lower Ignorance3 People can't leave unread message in their smartphone. So no chance of ignorance. Fly In The Sky Target Completed Use the GPS technology to watch the customers current location and send ads about your product if they are in your location.
  10. 10. Increase Viva-Voce When you see something that is based on your choice, you will take more interest. Its human nature, if you see something interesting then you will share it with others. 1 2 Increase Interest Converts in to Customers3 If you take interest in ad then most probably you will come to avail the product also. Fly In The Sky Target Completed Its quite easy to understand that if you go with the need and demand of people you will grab more attention. Before using digital signage systems for advertising analyze deep and implement it in your ad.
  11. 11. Creative Content Always give your best to your ad to not only make it better but also to reduce room for others. Content is one and only thing which explore your brand and bring more customers. 1 2 Focus on Ads Best Software & Hardware3 Software and hardware of a digital signage is so important part of digital ad. Fly In The Sky Target Completed Target all kinds of outdoor and indoor advertising. Integrate your advertising campaign with TV Screens, Movie screens, tablets, computers, smartphones, etc.
  12. 12. The beginning Brand become popular People start noticing you When you start your digital ad You will fly in the sky of success
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