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  1. 1. Top 5 kayaking destinations in India Paddling through amazing seaweeds, exploring offshore islands, andtravelling through canopied waterways makes kayaking a truly an excitingadventure sport. This water sport is finding popularity among many now.For all those of you who are interested in taking on this water sport, thereare lots of interesting destinations for Kayaking in India. Let us have acloser look at some of the best
  2. 2. Brahmaputra River:For all those who want to gethigh on adventure, rafting onthe Brahmaputra river bed isjust the right choice for them.It is a whole 15 day trip andrequires a good deal ofphysical endurance. TheBrahmaputra river expeditionstarts at Tuting where theTsang Po River of Tibettransforms into the SiangRiver of Arunachal PradeshandendsatDibrugarh, between whichthere are a plethora of highlevel rapids for kayakers.
  3. 3. Subansari River:The subansari river is thebiggest tributary of theBrahmaputra. This raftingexpedition from nacho toBhogiwheel can be completedin around 10 days. It has grade3+ rapids and is a good wayfor rafting enthusiasts with alittle experience to tackle a bitbigger challenge.
  4. 4. Shivpuri:This kayaking trip whichstarts above shivpuri endsdramatically right below theRam and Laxman Jhoolas inRishikesh Rafting. It is a 2 daytrip advised for beginnerkayakersto learn andexperience first- hand thedangers and risks that the wildrapids hold. Home to a lot ofrafting activity, one canalways see scattered kayaksmaking their way throughrapids like the wall.
  5. 5. Kali River:Kali River in Karnataka isperfect for amateur rafter andkayakers. There are plenty ofrapids and plenty of nature tokeep everybody hooked. Its agreat place to learn the basicsof kayaking and understandthewaves better.Theadventure may be mild herebut it is still a seriouscontender when it comes tothe scenic beauty question.
  6. 6. Zanskar River:This 12 day trip is reallyworth the physical toll oneexperiences when it comes tothe adrenaline rush and alsothe pristine nature thatenvelops the river. It hasseveral rapids ranging indifferent levels. Only seriousand well trained kayakers areadvised to be game for theZanskar River trekking inLadakh.
  7. 7. While kayaking in India is great fun, there are other adventure experiencesto be had too across the country. There is trekking in India, wildlife in Indiaand Sikkim trekking, trekking in Uttaranchal a whole lot more. If youwould like to organize a activities for corporate events in some of the bestdestinations around the country, is what you might wantto check out.