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Top 5 Best Flowers For Your WeddingBouquets

Do you have any trouble in picking your favorite flowers from the thousands of varieties available? Check out our roundup of most popular wedding blossoms to help you decide.

You wedding saying knock knock at the door! Are you confused how to decorate your wedding hall? Do you have any dream of walking along a gorgeous garden with every flower at its peak? But dont know which flowers will be good for your wedding? Is it colorful, most fragrant or unscented? To help you out, we have narrowed down your flower choices to know before you meet with your florist:

#1- Rose

Regarded as a symbol of love and beauty, the rose indulges itself into myths and fairy tales. Many romantic writers and poets have used roses as a metaphor for passion, emotion, true love and beauty throughout the ages. When it comes to a wedding day, roses are considered to be far from being a boring add-on. However, the roses are available in bicolor and solid color to choose from. Over three thousand varieties of roses are grown commercially; which are available year round and are extremely affordable. Though, roses symbolize luxurious fragrance, but not all varieties of roses are scented. There are three main types of roses for your wedding flower bouquets in Vancouver, hybrid tea roses, spray roses and garden roses.

#2- Tulip

Though, its often connected with the Netherlands, but this flower is grown in Persia. Showcasing itself as a Consuming Love and Happy Years, the tulip can be a meaningful choice for wedding flowers. This type of flower can be grown in a wide array of colors, like white and cream, pastels like yellow, peach and pink, and vibrant colors like red, purple and magenta. Available during much time in a year, the common tulips are reasonable, but the rare varieties can be a little expensive. Top three main varieties of tulip are Dutch tulips, French Tulips and Parrot Tulips.

#3- Calla Lily

Also well-known as the arum lily, this stunning, trumpet-shaped blossom symbolizes the magnificent beauty in the flowery language. They are available in two common types like, a large headed variety with a long, smooth stem, suitable for tall arrangement or for some presentation-style bouquets and a smaller version for boutonnieres and nosegays. Creamy ivory is the most popular color to go with, but this flower also comes in orange, dark purple, mauve-pink and yellow.

#4- Lily of the Valley

Sometimes known as The Ladder to Heaven, the fresh fragrance of Lily of the valley has been just inexpressible. A fistful of Lily of the Valley might be your dream. As its very expensive throughout the year, you can use a few stems to infuse a bouquet or centerpiece at an affordable cost. Many people are aware of its white variety; but the Lily of the Valley is also available in a rare rosy-pink color.

#5- Hydrangeas

The Hydrangeas represents Vanity in the Victorian language of flowers, its available in the intense shades of green, burgundy, purple, blue and pink. When it grows, the color of the flower will turn from bubble-gum pink to sky blue, as per the acid level of the soil. The stem of this flower is quite moderately priced and it can fill out arrangements and bouquets exclusively.

Are you still confused and in need of immediate help? Its highly recommended to contact Four Seasons Floral & Gift Design for wedding bouquets in Vancouver on your wedding day celebration. I hope you will like this blog and our choices.

Share your thoughts and experiences on your wedding day in the comment section below!

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