Top 3 Tips for Hearing Aid Care

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Visit Us at Call 508-644-8653 After purchasing your hearing aids, its your responsibility to care for them well to keep them working for as long as the manufacturer says theyll last. 1822 North Main Street Suite 201 Fall River Massachusetts, 02720 (508) 644-8653


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2. After purchasing your hearingaids, its your responsibility to carefor them well to keep them working for as long as themanufacturer says theyll last.(508) 644-8653 3. Moisture is Your EnemyThe top tip for hearing aid care is to keep your hearing aids away from moisture. (508) 4. Get a hearing aiddehumidifier to morethoroughly remove moisture. (508) 5. Clean Off Ear WaxEar wax is a natural part ofyour ears, but if it builds up onyour hearing aids, it can reducetheir effectiveness. (508) 6. Attend to hearing aid careevery night by wiping off ear wax with a soft cloth. (508) 7. Watch the TemperatureExtreme cold or heat can damagehearing aids, so its important topay attention to where you store them when youre not wearingthem. (508) 8. Keep them out of direct sunlight, dont leave them in hot cars, anddont leave them sitting next to air conditioning and heat vents. (508)