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1. TOP 2014CHRISTMAS GIFTIDEAS FORTRUCK 2. AS HARD AS IT IS TO BELIEVE,IT'S NEARLY FESTIVE TIMEAGAIN. IF YOU'REWONDERING WHAT TO BUYFOR THE TRUCKIE IN YOURLIFE, HERE ARE SOME GREATCHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS FORTRUCK 3. AUSTRALIA TRUCKIES ATLASMake sure your favourite truckie can planhis/her favourite routes (and never getlost along the way) with thiscomprehensive Australia Truckies atlas.Made especially for professional drivers, itincludes loads of important info, fromheavy vehicle rest areas to weighbridgesto B-Double and road train 4. BACKUP BATTERY PACKDriving Australia's excessive distances canmean it's tough to keep mobile devicescharged. That's why the Sprout PowerbankRapid backup battery pack is one of themost popular presents for lorry drivers. It'ssuitable for phones, tablets, GPS navigatorsand more, and it's fitted with two USB ports,enabling the charging of two items at 5. A DIECAST MODEL OF AKENWORTH K200The Kenworth K200 diecast model is a hitwith truckies all over the world, so treat adriver to a diecast model. Released byDrake Trailers, it's a museum-qualityreplica, created to a 1:50 scale, and madewith incredible attention to detail, fromthe opening doors, to the air ride seats, tothe working 6. FIRST AID KITGiven that most truckies spend hours andhours away from major centres, it'simportant that they can handle first aid,should anything go wrong. Keep a truckiesafe by giving him/her a first aid kit. Youshould definitely go for one designedespecially for remote and off-road travel, as itincludes extras, for handling heavy bloodingand serious 7. BEDDING FOR TRUCKIESAfter a dawn-to-dusk day on the road,it's important that a truckie gets a goodnight's sleep. Help to make this happenby treating someone special to adedicated trucker's bed. They'reincredibly comfortable and come in avariety of sizes and shapes, to suit arange of cabs and sleeping 8. A HIGH-QUALITY TRAVEL MUGFor most drivers, drinking coffee is one of thepleasures of being on the road. But it can getcold quick, so premium quality travel mugsmake excellent presents for lorry drivers,making sure their preferred beverage is keptnice and warm for miles and 9.


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