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  • 1. 020 7940 4381 Top Ten Tips for marketing to 020 7940 4381 @LoungeGroup

2. @LoungeGroup INTRODUCTION On 27th October, The Lounge Group ran a breakfast event for over 30 brand representatives to immerse them in the digital lives of 11-15 year olds distilled from our key insights gained through an extensive qualitative immersive insight study. We worked with 11-15 year olds all over the country, living their lives with them for a week through the lens of a video camera, exploring their digital world, motivations, influences and interactions with one another and with brands. We then tested out our findings through street interviews. For the full presentation, please contact Sara Gil on or 020 7940 4381 3. @LoungeGroup ABOUT THE LOUNGE The Lounge is an INSIGHTS and INTEGRATED BTL MARKETING AGENCY of everything we do by having a network of 10,000 consumers at our heart. 4. Immerse yourself in so you can understand their reality @LoungeGroup 5. Ensure you have a valid and relevant Facebook content strategy @LoungeGroup 6. Ensure your content informs, entertains or both @LoungeGroup 7. Supply sufficient content less is rarely more @LoungeGroup 8. Make it easy to pass on content @LoungeGroup 9. Encourage group interactivity @LoungeGroup 10. Show your human side @LoungeGroup 11. Target the right typologies @LoungeGroup 12. Harness the power of influencers @LoungeGroup 13. Keep an eye on @LoungeGroup 14. presentation on The Digital Social Life of Tweens contact us on 020 7940 4381 @LoungeGroup 15. Thank you @LoungeGroup