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DESCRIPTION PR and Social Media expert Laurie Dunlop of NetStrategies gives her Top Ten Ways To Achieve A Top Ten Blog. Follow us on Twitter at and


<p>Content</p> <p>TOP 10 WAYS TO GENERATE A TOP 10 BLOG</p> <p>703-642-38001. USE SOCIAL MEDIAPost a question on your blog, LinkIn, Twitter, etc.Collect and post best response answers</p> <p>2. INTERACT WITH CUSTOMER COMMENTSReview customer feedback and look for trendsCompile their ideas into an engaging blog post3. BUILD UPON OTHER BLOGSAdd your own research and relevant ideasBe sure to reference the original blog or website4. READ ANY GOOD BOOKS?Incorporate good information from your favorite book into your blogPeaks customer interest and gives them a great source5. ASK YOUR COWORKERSDraw upon the knowledge and experience of your fellow employeesEngage the rest of your business6. SEARCH ENGINESGoogle or search for your topicFollow your results to come up with your list</p> <p>7. INDUSTRY WIKITake a look at your industrys WikiCompile trends and answers</p> <p>8. REGISTER FOR ONLINE RESEARCHSites like Forresters substantiate the topics youre writing about Both subscription sites and free service sites can be very helpful</p> <p>9. EMBED RELEVANT KEY WORDSInsert and integrate important key wordsKeep your blog search engine friendly10. ASK YOUR READERSAsk a question or ask for feedback from your readersDevelops interaction with your stake holders 703-642-3800</p> <p>Give us a call if youneed help with setting up your social media!</p>