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<ol><li> 1. Top Ten Pizza Company Logos </li><li> 2. Papa Murphyslogo designis quite similar to the Papa Johns logo, the only difference is the cursive font used in this logo . Copyright Logo Design Consultant, alogo design company . Papa Murphys Logo </li><li> 3. Pizza Hut Logo Red roof featuring in the Pizza Hutlogoextols the image of this company as the best restaurant around the world. Copyright Logo Design Consultant, alogodesigncompany. </li><li> 4. CiCis Pizza Logo The typical American pizza style is reflected in the Cicis Pizzalogo designwith a tomato placed in the middle . Copyright Logo Design Consultant, thebest logo designsprovider. </li><li> 5. Dominos Pizza The famous white colored dots in Dominos Pizzalogo designis representing first three stores of the corporate. Copyright Logo Design Consultant, acustom logodesign company. </li><li> 6. Godfathers Pizza Logo Hot pizza in the hand in the Godfathers Pizzalogois depicting a scene of tasteful and mouth watering yummy pizza. Copyright Logo Design Consultant, acorporate logo designprovider. </li><li> 7. The cartoon character is licking his lips after having the yummy flavored crust pizza and wants a bit more to fill his appetite. Hungry Howies Pizza &amp; Subs Logo Copyright Logo Design Consultant, a customlogo designscompany. </li><li> 8. The Sbarro Italian Eaterylogo designdepicts the patriotic feelings that the Italians share with each other by adopting a logo that resembles their national flag. Sbarro Italian Eatery Logo Copyright Logo Design Consultant, alogos designprovider. </li><li> 9. The punch line pizza! pizza! reflects the two distinct pizza class that the company sells. Little Caesars Logo Copyright Logo Design Consultant, acustom logosdesign company. </li><li> 10. The slogan The Better Pizza People in thelogoportrays the fact that their pizza delivery staff serves the pizza door to door at a faster pace and at same rates. Noble Romans Pizza Logo Copyright Logo Design Consultant, aprofessional logosdesign company. </li><li> 11. The slogan Better Ingredients Better Pizza represents the primary focus of the company on provided high quality and healthy food to its customers. Papa Johns Pizza Logo Copyright Logo Design Consultant, abusiness logodesign company.</li></ol>