Top 10 Most Talked About Brands 2009

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According to Zeta Interactive, the most talked about brand in 2009 is Microsoft.While Twitter might suggest otherwise, the aggregated online buzz (blogs, message boards and online communities) doesnt lie.


top 10 most talked about brands 2009.

Source: Zeta Interactive, Adweek

By Willis Wee Penn Olson


(of online posts) Tone (+/-)Zeta Buzz Ranking

1. Microsoft 375,661 83/17 30,804.20

2. Google 361,344 82/18 29,630.21

3. 282,668 88/12 24,874.78

4. Apple 241,879 7525 18,140.93

5. Target 208,848 78/22 16,290.14

6. Honda 195,845 82/18 15,863.45

7. Sony 209,955 71/29 14,906.81

8. Blackberry 117,641 92/8 10,822.97

9. Nike 121,188 89/11 10,785.73

10. Walmart 108,988 90/10 9,808.92

the table.

By Willis Wee Penn Olson


Tone (+/-): A 83/17 would mean 83% positive and 17% negative tonal rating

Zeta Buzz: Calculated by a formula that weighs a variety of different factors on a given subject, including overall volume of online posts, and the positive or negative tone of those posts.

By Willis Wee Penn Olson

#10 walmart.

Despite being last on the list, consumers are probably more satisfied with Walmart than with Target or Amazon.

By Willis Wee Penn Olson

#9 nike.

Nikes Facebook page might be less successful than Adidas but overall, it still emerges as the winner in terms of online popularity. The sport apparel brand uses blogs, Facebook and Twitter intensively; showing other brands what thought leadership and solid content can do in todays online age.

By Willis Wee Penn Olson

#8 blackberry.

BlackBerry has the highest positive tone rating. Despite facing intense pressure from Apples iPhone, it is still considered the best business phone (at least in my opinion).

By Willis Wee Penn Olson

#7 sony.

Sony has the lowest positive tone rating amongst the top 10 brands listed. Even if its intensive marketing campaign managed to push it rather high up on the list, it should certainly start taking note of what people are saying about it.

By Willis Wee Penn Olson

#6 honda.

Being the only automobile company on the list tells us something about Honda it has used the web pretty well to get consumers attention, especially in times of recession. The commercial that cost them $6.2 million 2 years back rocked the world. I wouldnt say the same for its product manager, who was caught astroturfing.

By Willis Wee Penn Olson

#5 target.

Its numerous Twitter pages are all about discounts and new offers. That could explain how it attracted over 650,000 fans on Facebook as well. But it seems like its holiday commercials arent that well-liked this season.

By Willis Wee Penn Olson

#4 apple.

Apple is undoubtedly tweeps favorite. It has become a routine for iPhone and Apple to make it on Twitters trending topics. New product launches, speculations, holiday discounts, lawsuits and Steve Jobs keep the buzz alive.

iTunes has also been featured as one of the top 25 Facebook pages, with more than a million fans.

By Willis Wee Penn Olson

#3 amazon.

Amazons $850 million acquisition of Zappos was big news in the online world this year. Besides that, the online retail giant has also created multiple Twitter accounts for different deals and services. Another most talked about topic revolving Amazon would be its e-book reader, Kindle.

By Willis Wee Penn Olson

#2 google.

Googles ever changing logo is bloggers favorite topic. Its UFO doodle, for example, has caused a stir as all that was given were hints to why there was a logo redesign. Google has also created great presence on Twitter, with multiple Twitter pages that cater to different consumer needs.

By Willis Wee Penn Olson

#1. Microsoft

Aggressive online and offline marketing is the core reason why Microsoft is on the number 1 spot this year. Its Windows 7s launch was huge business despite Apples mockery. It has a Twitter page of over 35,000 followers and a Facebook page of over 70,000 fans. Not very impressive numbers for a big brand like Microsoft, but I guess its the buzz that matters. Congrats!

By Willis Wee Penn Olson

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