Top 10 Most Selling Mobile Phone Brands in India

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View here top 10 most selling mobile phone brands in India as per mobile phones import data of India which researched by ExportGenius


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Top 10 Most Selling Mobile Phone Brands in India

IntroductionAs we live in a modern society, where everything is just on our fingers and every task can be performed anytime and anywhere with our smartness. Yes, I am talking about ground-breaking smartphones that are now part of our lives. A marvellous growth in the technology sector has lead to creation of many amazing unique-featured mobile phones.

India is one of the largest importers of mobile phones where many national and international brands have taken on the mobile phone market with the latest and modern smartphones. Which are the top selling mobile phone brands in India? Lets find an answer of it with Export Genius sample data of India imported mobile phones during March 2016! BrandAppleLenovoLYFLETVMicromaxOnePlusGioneeHTCAsusOthersImport Value(USD)1540211333984393425790748209286141701482114659385126718651017260487971677562298Value-wise India Import Data Analysis of Mobile Phones during March 2016 As per the India import report of mobile phones of March 2016, Apple did the maximum business in the Indian mobile phone market. Its iPhone 6s was the largest selling mobile phone model in the said period. Lets understand the mobile phone import statistics of India with a histogram!BrandMicromaxLYFLavaAppleLenovoChinese Mobile PhoneGioneeOthersLETVKarbonnImport Value (Pieces)1269810471290452243391446384589312480205566161444155800151640Quantity-wise India Import Data Analysis of Mobile Phones during March 2016 In terms of quantity, Micromax sold the highest pieces of mobile handsets to Indian consumers during March 2016. Lets get other top mobile phone brands that did maximum in India in said period! Apple ModelsImported Total Value (USD)Imported Quantity (Pieces)Iphone 6s60344681.57127432Iphone 5s52530070.8160912Iphone 635624354.8591983Iphone 6s Plus3755122.117306Iphone 6 Plus1614021.313080Iphone 4s128725.16660Apple153996975.8391373Total154021133391446Micromax ModelsQuantity (Pieces)Total Value (USD)Micromax ModelsQuantity (Pieces) Total Value (USD)X07275000537926.94X80525000236098.61X84962000755347.76X55625000188712.98X40654000360810.88GC31323100399199.92X205050000410117.29X08820000146582.28X69750000597496.48X07420000153183.95X07150000332429.53X71519000200577.6X91248000591313.17Q38317000566363.84X180046000279080.44X77716000174398.82X80144000442444.32Q46115000451392.66X80042000417605.34X80613000153269.92Q323415001070000.24X60212500134456.01X61540000358793.8Q380N11910584293.91X71040000446777.84X6991000089391.75X185040000254815.2X7161000088198.11X61040000349774.09X5971000082140.41X70737500344082.26Q3268500243196.71Q346365001295788.26Q3347500319727.75D30434000882371.28GC318510097993.17Q32732200974513.62Q3855000255273.5X60530000224764.77Q3825000236521.76X70430000255190.93Q4164000226745.58X60130000275855.32X081300030104.92X91029500470231.88X989100016008.59X900100013457.17Total Quantity: 1269810; Total Value: USD 17014822 Quantity-wiseValue-wiseModel-wise India Import Data of Top Mobile Phone Brand (Quantity & Import Value Wise) during March 2016ConclusionImport-Export data of any country, of any product, of any year, of any port and of any HS Code is available at Export Genius. Undoubtedly, foreign trade data with shipment records and trade statistics has really become important for any kind of business to remain in the market and compete hard with other companies.

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