Top 10 Most Populated Countries in Africa

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Ten largest countries in Africa by population. Data from 2013.


  • 1. Top 10 Most Populated Countries in Africa (2013)

2. 10. Sudan- 35,363,00 inhabitants Prior to July 2011 Sudan used to be the largest country in Africa (and 10th largest in the world) but it was divided unevenly into Sudan and South Sudan on that date. After the split, the northernmost section, known as Sudan, is the third largest country in Africa area-wise, and has a great deal of desert terrain within its borders. 3. 9. Uganda - 35,363,000 inhabitants If you like the idea of a country where the average temperature is a pleasantly warm 28C and the people are known for their warmth and friendly hospitality, then Uganda is a country that you should consider visiting! 4. 8. Algeria - 38,295,000 inhabitants Being a former French colony, it will come as no surprise that much of the population speaks the language, with up to 80 per cent of the population speaking Arabic too. Algeria is, by land area, the largest country in Africa (after Sudans split) but the population is restricted by the vast swathes of desert that comprise much of that area. Only 12 per cent of the land area is inhabited. 5. 7. Kenya - 46,291,000 inhabitants Kenya is ideally situated on the equator and has plenty of fertile soil for growing crops of tea, coffee, flowers, fruit, vegetables and grains, while her wildlife is world famous. People come from all over the world to go on a safari in Kenya to see the big five (rhinoceros, buffalo, lion, elephant and leopard) 6. 6. Tanzania - 45,950,000 inhabitants Tanzania is blessed for several reasons: firstly, it is home to the only mountain in Africa that always has snow on its peaks: Mt Kilimanjaro! Secondly, Tanzania has long been known as the cradle of mankind as Olduvai Gorge is the place where the oldest human remains (some two millions years old) have been found. 7. 5. South Africa - 52,982,000 inhabitants Africas jewel, the rainbow nation of South Africa, is probably the best known and most visited of all the African countries. Table Mountain in Cape Town is an instantly recognisable feature and boasts, just on the mountain itself, more plants than the entire United Kingdom! 8. 4. Democractic Republic of Congo - 74,618,000 inhabitants Given the turmoil currently plaguing the DRC it is highly unlikely that many people are visiting the nation for purely pleasurable pursuits, but one piece of advice to anyone visiting: do not snap photographs of villagers and natives without asking permission. There is a superstition amongst some tribes that to be photographed is to lose a piece of the soul or spirit and given the vapid and inane stream of selfies that is currently plaguing the Internet, who is to say that they are completely wrong? 9. 3. Egypt - 84,605,000 inhabitants Much is known about ancient Egypt, thanks to their philosophy of preserving material goods, pets and the bodies of important citizens. The Pyramids, Valley of the Kings and the Sphinx are major attractions in Egypt, along with many other important sites, like Karnak and Abu Simbel. Tourists come to Egypt, not only to glory in the wonders of ancient Egypt 10. 2. Ethiopia - 86,614,000 inhabitants A little known fact about Ethiopia is that it is believed to be the place where coffee was discovered. A goatherd noticed that his charges would become restless after chewing the leaves of a particular plant and brought this fact to general attention. This happened in the Kaffa area of the country and the name coffee is believed to have arisen from the word. 11. 1. Nigeria - 177,096,000 inhabitants The country has abundant mineral wealth and is blessed with stable geography (as is most of Africa, with earthquakes, landslides and similar natural disasters being all but unheard of!) Nigerians as a whole tend to be snappy dressers, proud of their appearance and confident when meeting strangers disconcertingly so to more reticent nationalities! 12. Data: Wikipedia Text: countries-africa-population/


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