Top 10 most popular wedding diamond rings for men and women

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<ul><li><p>Top 10 Most Popular Wedding Diamond Rings for </p><p>Men and Women </p><p>With the Wedding season knocking on the door, there will be a lot of festivity and celebration around </p><p>you. The one good thing about living in a Modern Indian Society is that Family, Friends and neighbors all </p><p>love celebrating together. </p><p>This is going to be a very emotional and happy time for the families involved and we have a special guide </p><p>for the souls that are going to be tying the knot. These two souls will be sharing a lifetime and a lot of </p><p>adventures together and one of the most important things tying their union together is a Ring. This </p></li><li><p>Wedding ring is a symbol of love </p><p>that the couple presents to each </p><p>other. While you have spend </p><p>hours on end searching for the </p><p>perfect attire for the big day and </p><p>made all the arrangements and </p><p>decoration lets not forget the </p><p>gleaming smile on your face that </p><p>Jewellery brings. </p><p>Yes, this while the most intimate </p><p>gift by your better half would be </p><p>a piece you will done almost </p><p>always so pick something that </p><p>speaks your style, something that </p><p>is trendy but neutral and wont </p><p>go out of style. Lucky thing is with </p><p>Diamonds one can hardly ever go </p><p>wrong; they are statement pieces </p><p>especially when its a wedding </p><p>ring. </p><p>Here are some tips to keep in mind when investing in lifetime jewellery </p><p>1. Diamonds come in various cuts select your preference instead of going with what you see on </p><p>shelf. </p><p>2. Clarity with different levels of clarity you can get your chosen design within your very budget. </p><p>Do ask your jeweller to give you all the options of clarity in the same design as the prices vary. </p><p>3. Ask for certification, yes you jeweller should be certified that way you know hes providing you </p><p>the best quality and correct prices. </p><p>4. Choose wisely take your time, this is a wedding ring after all. </p><p>Here are the Top ten types of diamond rings women choose for weddings </p><p> A rose gold diamond inserted ring an elegant solution that pairs well with ethnic and modern </p><p>both. </p><p> A white Gold diamond studded Band this will spruce up your whole personality and be the </p><p>perfect head turner at your big day, also makes an amazing gift for the Groom to be. </p><p> Yellow gold with single solitaire studded band simplicity at its best! </p><p> A twisted white and rose gold mix ring with diamonds trendy look for the modern couple. </p><p> Intertwined gold diamond studded ring would make the perfect wedding present for your </p><p>better half. </p><p></p></li><li><p> The Tri-color diamond studded ring not only is this an extremely quirky design but looks </p><p>fabulous and would be a beautiful conversation starter </p><p> The Heart shape is not only a symbol of your love but one of the favorites about newlyweds - </p><p>elegantly designed diamond studded heart shaped ring, a statement piece that works as a head </p><p>turner. </p><p> A bouquet of diamonds studded ring - a splash of color among the shiny diamond give you a </p><p>very unique look </p><p> A divine piece of jewellery select your solitaire and flaunt it </p><p> The Classic Princess Solitaire Ring eternal love with this timeless beauty requires no words. </p><p></p></li></ul>