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  • Awe-inspiring prints

    Having those statement

    wallpapers is a really good

    thing. So, you can consider

    them for making your

    home brighter and more

    daring. 2017 embarked use

    of tropical and geometric

    prints which went

    incredibly popular. You

    will love them too!

  • The metal game

    Of course, stainless steel has

    always been a popular choice.

    But this year has dramatically

    overshadowed the traditional

    idea of having a kitchen loaded

    with stainless steel. Now you can

    experiment with the warmer

    metal tones out there. The

    presence of these out-of-the- box

    metals in your home will go

    perfect with wonderful light

    fixtures, creating the warmth

    you need these winters.

  • Organic fabrics

    From rugged wool to the

    evergreen cotton, organic

    stuff has been making

    news round the year.

    Being so trendy, cozy

    fabrics encourage you to

    hunker down and keep

    the colors natural.

  • Expanding the outdoors

    If you are looking for new

    ways to do extend outdoors,

    you are on right track.

    Investing in a deep seating

    patio set, with a fire pit or

    outdoor heater, will bring in

    the warmth to your winter

    season. Dont forget to

    update your planters, rugs,

    and throw pillows with

    warmer colors and textures.

  • Change the color

    Are you a color-loving

    person? Then this year has

    finally answered your

    prayers. Reason being,

    interiors are finally moving

    away from those whites and

    grays. From walls, furniture,

    to anything else you can

    think of, you can embrace

    any of those warm and rich

    shades of brown, black,

    green, and blush. Pick the

    prettiest color and give your

    dcor a new mode.

  • Wood is in naturally

    No, it is not meant just for a

    little bit of natural wood

    used in the construction.

    But it is taking over the

    entire space. People have

    loved the wooden-clad

    interior and exterior

    additions. From flooring to

    the statement dining tables,

    it is something which adds

    an organic feel to your


  • Marble use

    It would be injustice to

    say that marble has gone

    out of fashion. If not

    investing for marble

    countertops, you can look

    for natural opulence for

    your space, especially

    darker varieties with pale

    marbling. Switch to dark

    side please! While it looks

    amazing, it let you stand

    apart from the crowd.

  • Restful retreats

    if you want relaxing mode ON, this trend is for you. Just get into a cozy and more intimate space, getting away from the tech base sanctuaries. This would be a place to unplug, surrounded with canopies or lace curtains hung from those faux wooden beams.

  • Tiling goes geometric

    Simply, geometrics and

    more intricate designs have

    taken their place. Yes,

    squares and rectangles are

    now a thing of the past.

    Look for mosaics which are

    readily available in an array

    of shapes, colors and sizes.

    Choosing beautiful

    geometric tiles let you work

    in both modern and

    traditional settings.

  • Fantabulous velvets

    These are super soft to

    touch and make your home

    feel so luxurious. Hence,

    welcome the trend of

    velvets. Being a sumptuous

    fabric with elegant finish

    and vibrant colors, this

    material make you invest

    in. If not more, you can go

    for plain velvet cushions or

    a throw in some pretty


  • So, this was as update of the interior designs trends this year brought forth. You can work with these inspiring ideas and get your home festive-ready.

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