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<p>Top 10 Greatest Wedding Ideas from Pinterest</p> <p>Organizing a wedding is a lot of work. For many, it feels like a marathon of planning, where a years worth of activity is crammed into a couple of months. From makeup, hair, decoration, cake, seating arrangements, RSVP cards, and more, it can quickly become overwhelming.</p> <p>However, if at any time during this chaotic process you find yourself with a bit of free time, then feel free to check out 10 of the greatest wedding ideas currently on Pinterest. With any luck, you will find something inspiring that you can use on the upcoming day.</p> <p>1. Unique Seating Charts</p> <p>Pinterest is full of examples of weddings where people have revolutionized the seating chart display. No longer simply index cards on a table, some have taken the simple seating chart to an entirely new level. Some of the more popular themes include having peoples name on etched glass, having each person and seat be a tag on a string, having each seating tag also have its own gift (like a tiny bottle of whisky!), or even having the seating chart made into a sculptured work of art. Regardless of how you decide to do your seating chart, some of these are just to amazing to pass up taking a look at. </p> <p>2. Painted Leafs for Fall</p> <p>For wedding happening during the fall, many people getting married tie into their wedding the changing season. This can be done in a number of ways. One popular way is to collect and paint leafs. With examples done in both gold and silver colored paint, the end result is the perfect pad for writing an individualized note to your guests. From simply being used as a fill in for a seating chart to being customized to the point of having individualized messages of thanks, the painted fall leaf is the perfect way to make your wedding memorable.</p> <p>3. Guest Book Poster Made From Thumbprints</p> <p>There is any number of ways that a guest book can be done, ranging from the traditional to the unconventional. One idea from Pinterest includes a little of both by having a guest book where either the names or a central image are made from both the bride and the grooms thumb prints. When using wet paint, the thumb prints eventually dry to form a textured surface. This little addition helps personalize the guest book poster, making it an excellent piece of artwork to later have in your house.</p> <p>4. The Cooler</p> <p>When it comes to cooling beverages, many weddings hide the cooler. However, there are those on Pinterest who do the reverse, turning their cooler into a central work of art. One example in particular is a couple who turned a large, wooden canoe into the cooler for their drinks. Being so long, it was the perfect container, offering plenty of space for people to grab the beverages they want. </p> <p>5. The Crossword on the Menu</p> <p>Never a dull moment, some couples have included a crossword puzzle relating to their life and wedding as a substitute for the menu provided at the table. The crossword can be full of personal jokes, and things that both teach those attending something more about both members of the wedding, as well as offer a distraction.6. The Rustic Touch</p> <p>The farmers market wedding doesnt have to happen in a farmers market or barn to still bring about the rustic touch that comes with it. One of the best wedding ideas on Pinterest includes rustic inspired decorations. From table markers to utensils and guest books, there are many ways to make your wedding feel less full of pomp and more an exciting family get together.</p> <p>7. Embroidered Wedding Date For Something Blue</p> <p>When it comes to having something blue, those on Pinterest offer a unique suggestion. Embroider your name into the hem of your wedding dress! By adding this little touch, you can personalize your wedding dress and use blue yarn to fulfill the need for something blue.</p> <p>8. The Parchment Wedding Sign</p> <p>A classy touch, the parchment wedding sign helps to make the wedding feel more relaxed. Hung outside the venue on a near by tree, it decrees that there is a wedding taking place. The end result is a nice little touch.</p> <p>9. Cake Chandelier</p> <p>There are a million ways to decorate and present a wedding cake. One unique way brought to you by Pinterest is to have the Cake Chandelier. The Cake Chandelier includes a traditional white wedding cake held in the air on a clear pedestal, with a chandelier hanging below it!</p> <p>10. Wheat Bouquet</p> <p>A simple replacement for the traditional flower bouquet, the wheat bouquet has significance of its own, making it a visually attractive and symbolic replacement to the traditional flowers.</p> <p>About the AuthorErica P. is an experienced writer covering wedding topics across the country. Based in New Jersey, she has frequented Naninas in the Park and the Park Savoy, and has gone into writing about weddings in part because of her experiences there. In the end, she believes that every person should have their fantasy wedding. </p>