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  1. 1. Top 10 Fun Wedding Reception Ideas No more rituals, no more ceremonies, no more traditions and no more heavy attires; Its time for you to feel free and rock the Wedding Reception. Time you enjoyed wasting, is never wasted! make sure you give your guests the crunchiest memories that they shall remember throughout, please NO dull, tiered and boring faces that day! Show your playful side by throwing an amusing wedding reception party. Out of the many creative and fun wedding ideas. 123WeddingCards
  2. 2. Leave your guests dumbstruck with your unique reception arrangements. Surprise everyone by bringing in Tarot Card Reader, Magician or a Belly Dancer into your wedding plan. Do mention about such highlights in your Designer Invitation Card . (Simple marketing, you know) All About Entertainment 123WeddingCards
  3. 3. Dress-up According to Comfort Say D.N.D to those heavy and hard to manage wedding gowns on your reception. Remember, you have to dance, dance and dance. Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and doesnt come between you and your moves. 123WeddingCards
  4. 4. Shake your pants and do the wedding dance Talk to the D.J beforehand and assure that he gives you all that it takes to bring the elites on the floor. And yes, its your party, dance to the fullest and dont leave a single dream undone. Specially I would recommend you to start preparing for your first dance in full spirits as all eyes will be on you while you do that amuse them with your moves 123WeddingCards
  5. 5. Have you thought of how will the guests arrive? Plan something exciting for the guests transportation. A hot air balloon or a hay ride can be given a thought. 123WeddingCards
  6. 6. Again a part of marketing! Usually the guests are in a hurry to leave the function as soon as they are done with the dinner. Keep them seated on their chairs by broadcasting your super exciting plans for the night. If it is a campfire or some fireworks or a song/dance that you both are going to perform. Whatever it is, publicize it well to keep the guests excited and curious! Disclose the Night Treat 123WeddingCards
  7. 7. An ice cream truck with those childlike bells can be a great way to keep your guests recharged till late hours! Let them Confess Not everyone can come and surround you to whisper things on your reception. Prepare a video confession booth for your guests and let them record their message or confession Hire a Local Mobile Ice Cream Vendor 123WeddingCards
  8. 8. Keep the tummies of your guests happy by feeding them with scrumptious food. Because, happy tummies will ultimately imply happy faces and a super rocking party! Of course- Mouth watering Food 123WeddingCards
  9. 9. It isnt a day to get overwhelmed, control your impulses and please make a small wedding toast. No aaaaw please, only haaha hehe! Small Wedding Toast Please! Long never ending wedding toasts often bores the audiences so prepare 2-3 lines for the toast and address Them loud thats enough. 123WeddingCards
  10. 10. If not kept busy, kids have the powers to ruin your whole event. Plan some fun games and activities for the kids. It might help you in keeping them away from the elders section. Make sure there is someone doing the execution part for the same (leave it to someone who enjoys being with kids). Get ready to commemorate an electrifying wedding party! All the best folks! Kids corner 123WeddingCards
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