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<ul><li><p>129k</p><p>BRIAN SOLIS</p><p>PAUL GILLIN</p><p> Best-selling author, lecturer, marketing guru, entrepreneur </p><p>, columnist, speaker,B2B social media consultant</p><p>Americas Greatest Marketer shares his creative marketing insights and big picture thoughts on branding</p><p>Consultant to big brands, delivering intelligent coverage of vital B2B marketing trends and strategy ideas.</p><p>Social MediaBrandingBusiness Strategy</p><p>B2B MarketingSocial MediaOpen Enterprise</p><p>WHOWHO</p><p>TOPICSTOPICS</p><p>VALUEVALUE</p><p>briansolis.comNYT best-selling author,speaker, consultant</p><p>The authority on social business and how new technology is shaping business and marketing.</p><p>Social mediaTechnology,Emerging Business</p><p>WHO</p><p>TOPICS</p><p>VALUE</p><p>195k 120k85</p><p>SETH GODIN</p><p> Marketing expert, speaker, educator, author</p><p>annhandley.comAuthor, speaker, content chiefat MarketingProfs</p><p>A powerful social media influencer: tons of practical ideas for small business marketing. </p><p>One of the most influential women in social media; an important source for social strategy and tactics.</p><p>Social MediaContent Marketing</p><p>Content Marketing,Social Media</p><p>WHO</p><p>WHO</p><p>TOPICS</p><p>TOPICS</p><p>VALUE</p><p>VALUE</p><p>AMY PORTERFIELD</p><p>JAY BAER</p><p>JEREMIAH OWYANG</p><p>convinceandconvert.comBest-selling author,speaker, consultant</p><p>Top resource for content marketing; great tips for accelerating your content and social media. </p><p>Content Marketing,Social Media</p><p>WHO</p><p>TOPICS</p><p>VALUE</p><p>ANN HANDLEY</p><p> Researcher, analyst, speaker,web strategist</p><p>Highly-praised authority on social strategy and emerging technologies in-depth research and macro-level business ideas.</p><p>Social BusinessWeb TechnologyCollaborative Economy</p><p>WHO</p><p>TOPICS</p><p>MOZ.COM blog managed by Moz (SEOMoz) - SEO software and consulting</p><p>Vibrant community of professionals sharing great technical and strategic content.</p><p>SEOAnalytics,Inbound Marketing</p><p>WHO</p><p>TOPICS</p><p>VALUE</p><p>KISSMETRICS.COM</p><p>blog.kissmetrics.comMulti-author blog edited by KISSmetrics - analytics software provider</p><p>The latest on measurement and testing, practical online marketing ideas, and B2B content directed at customer understanding.</p><p>AnalyticsTestingSocial Marketing </p><p>WHO</p><p>TOPICS</p><p>VALUE</p><p>blog.marketo.comMulti-author blog produced by software makers Marketo </p><p>Big industry names deliver their visions on the most important B2B issues.</p><p>B2B MarketingContent MarketingMarketing Automation</p><p>WHO</p><p>TOPICS</p><p>VALUE</p><p>MARKETO.COM</p><p>ABOUT DNN</p><p>DNN (formerly DotNetNuke) provides a suite of solutions for creating rich, rewarding online experiences for customers, </p><p>partners and employees. DNN technology is the foundation for 750,000+ websites worldwide and our customers include </p><p>True Value Hardware, Bose, Cornell University, Glacier Water, Dannon, Delphi, USAA, NASCAR, Northern Health and the </p><p>City of Denver. In addition to our commercial solutions, DNN is the steward of the DotNetNuke Open Source Project.</p><p>How do you become a rock star marketer? By learning from rock star marketers. Here are ten B2B marketing blogs that aspiring rock stars are reading and why YOU need to start reading them, too.</p><p>TOP 10 BLOGS EVERYB2B MARKETER SHOULD READ</p><p>34k/m*</p><p>SITEVISITS</p><p>*Estimate only of US internet users, data compiled via Compete and Alexa</p><p>VALUE</p><p>*Estimate only of US internet users, data compiled via Compete and Alexa</p><p>TWITTERFOLLOWERS</p><p>12k63</p><p>TWITTERFOLLOWERS</p><p>305k 110k80</p><p>TWITTERFOLLOWERS</p><p>65k 15k72</p><p>TWITTERFOLLOWERS</p><p>188k 15k74</p><p>TWITTERFOLLOWERS</p><p>137k 111k81</p><p>TWITTERFOLLOWERS</p><p>157k71</p><p>TWITTERFOLLOWERS</p><p>89k/m*</p><p>SITEVISITS</p><p>233kTWITTERFOLLOWERS</p><p>90k 22k82</p><p>TWITTERFOLLOWERS</p><p>80k64kTWITTERFOLLOWERS74</p><p>To learn more about our thoughts on B2B marketing, content, and making an impact online, please check out our blog, facebook and twitter</p></li></ul>