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Here are top 10 beauty tips from your kitchen which you can easily try at home.These 10 tips will help you find budget friendly ways of taking care of yourself, and they all work great.


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2. 1. Coconut Milk Makes Your SkinGlow:Ingredients:1 raw CoconutProcedure:Grate raw coconut and squeeze the milk out of it. Apply this milk over your lips and face.Result:It will offer grace and glow to your skin. Copy Right 2013 @ 3. 2. Milk for Skin Glow:Ingredients:Cotton WoolUn-boiled MilkProcedure:Dip a piece of cotton wool in un-boiled milk andwipe the face with it.Wash face after 10min and rinse with warmwater.Result:It cleans the skin of unseen dirt and offersnatural glow. Copy Right 2013 @ 4. 3. Yogurt as a Skin Moisturizer:Ingredients:1 tablespoon Orange juice1 tablespoon Lemon juice1 cup of YogurtProcedure:Make a paste with these ingredients and applyit on face as a mask.Keep it on for 15 minutes and then clean it offwith a wet tissue.Result:This mask enhances the complexion andincreases the glow of face.Copy Right 2013 @ 5. 4. Urad Dal for Skin Nourishment :Ingredients:1teaspoon of Urad Dal5 or 6 AlmondsProcedure:Grind these to a fine paste.Apply this protein mask on face and wash itoff after 1/2 hour.Result:This mask nourishes the facial skin and alsoenhances the complexion.Copy Right 2013 @ 6. 5. Castor Oil for Wrinkles:Ingredients:1 cup of Castor OilProcedure:Wipe the face with castor oil and leaveit for 15min.Wash your face with cold water.Result:The castor oil will help prevent wrinkleswhile softening the skin.Copy Right 2013 @ 7. 6. Homemade Honey Conditioner:Ingredients:1 tablespoon of Honey2 tablespoons of CreamProcedure:Mix honey and cream.Apply this mixture on the face and wash offafter a few minutes.Result:This conditioner helps to enhances the skincomplexion.Copy Right 2013 @ 8. 7. Potatoes for Skin Pigmentation :Ingredients:2 raw Potatoes1 cup of milkProcedure:Make some paste with potato and milk.Rub this paste on face and leave it for 1minand then wash the face with cold water.Result:This mask helps to remove the marks andpigments.Copy Right 2013 @ 9. 8. Sunscreen Lotion from Kitchen:Ingredients:1 tablespoon Cucumber Juice1 tablespoon of Glycerin2 tablespoons of Rose WaterProcedure:Prepare a homogenous mixture with the aboveingredients.Apply this mixture on face for 10 min wash off withwarm water.Result:This will help protect your skin from sun burns.Copy Right 2013 @ 10. 9. Honey Lip Exfoliator:Ingredients:1 tablespoon of Honey1 tablespoon of SugarProcedure:Mix honey and sugar together make it as lipexfoliator.Use this great exfoliator on your lips once a week.Result:This lip exfoliator soften your lips, while removingdead skin cells. Copy Right 2013 @ 11. 10. Banana for Cracked Heels:Ingredients:2 or 3 BananasProcedure:Use a ripe mashed banana to sooth drycracked heels.Leave it on for 10-15 minutes.Result:This will make soften your heels. Copy Right 2013 @ 12. Thank You