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TITANICFACTSThe name Titanic originates from Greek MythologyThe builders of the Titanic were searching for a name that meant huge to justify the size of the ship. So they chose the word Titan from Greek mythology. Titans were the ancient god and were thought to be huge.People Died on the Titanic Before it was Launched! Workers did not have safe working conditions. Due to this six people died and 246 injured on the ship itself during the construction of the Titanic. Another worker was killed right before the ships launch.The Titanic was the Largest Ship Afloat The White Star wanted to boast to its passengers that they had built the biggest ship in the world. To give some extra features to the first class, Titanic became heavy and could claim the title of the largest ship afloat at the time.The Titanic was not Environmentally Friendly Titanic was the most polluting ship of its time. To steer the giant ship through the water, steam power was used as power source delivering over 40,000 horsepower. The Titanic used over 600 tons of coal each day and 100 tons of ash had to be jettisoned into the sea.

The RMS in RMS Titanic stands for Royal Mail Ship Titanic was not only commissioned to be a passenger liner but it also carried mail. The RMS in Titanics official name, RMS Titanic stood for Royal Mail Ship. The Titanic was under contract with the Royal Mail Service and the United States Post Office and the mail room on the ship could handle 60,000 pieces of mail each day.The Number of Lifeboats on the Titanic were not Enough With a capacity to hold 64 life boats and each boat capable of holding 65 people, 3500 people could have be saved which is the maximum capacity of the Titanic. However on the fateful day, there were only 20 lifeboats in total.

More people could have been savedOn the night of accident, another ship SS Californian warned the Titanic of pack ice and cautioned the Titanic to stop for the night via the wireless communication system. However to boast about the ships construction, Titanics wireless operator criticized the Californian for being too cautious. Titanic Wreck Was Found After 70 Years In September of 1985 the wreck of the Titanic was finally found by a team of French and American explorers. It confirmed that Titanic was broken into two before drowning. The team also showed that the Titanic had sunk more than 13 miles from the coordinates provided by the wireless operators on the shipTitanic Was Not Sailing With Valuables Titanic was rumoured to be carrying huge amount of gold. However the most expensive item was only a $100,000 painting .Titanics cargo only carried everyday things like food, furniture, and some automobiles.People Still Have Sentiments For TitanicBeing boasted as the unsinkable ship, people were surprised after the tragic sinking of the ship. Even today people are still fascinated to the Titanic and its facts. The famous movie Titanic, directed by James Cameron and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, is possibly the most well known of the many stories and movies relating to the great liner.