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  • 1. Toni Morrison

2. L anguage

  • Toni Morrison is aware of and concerned with the language black people spoke;as she has famously stated, the language, must not sweat.
  • It is the thing that black folks love so much the saying of words, holding them on the tongue, experimenting with them.

3. TheBluestEyes

  • InThe Bluest Eyes,Morrison captures the inflection, tone, and non- verbal gestures of the oral tradition.
      • Example: I kind of thought Henry would marry her one of these days.That old woman? Well, Henry aint no chicken. No, but he aint no buzzard, either. He ever been married to anybody? No. How come? Somebody cut it off? Hes just picky.You see anything around here youd marry? Well no.

4. Sula

  • Black English oral traditions were used again in Morrisons Sula.
    • Example:When Lindbergh sleeps with Bessie Smith.

5. Tar Baby

  • Black English oral traditions were used again in Morrisons Tar Baby.
    • Example: nigger in the wood pile.

6. Song of Solomon

  • Morrison uses language to define those who are a part of their community those who are not.
    • Example:Afternoon Mr. Dead, sir.Im Mrs. Bains.Live over at number three on Fifteenth Street. Yes, Mrs. Bains.You got something for me? Well, thats what I come to talk to you about.You know Cency left all them babies with me .And my relief check aint no moren it take to keep a well-grown yard dog alive half alive, I should say. Your rent is four dollars a months, Mrs. Bains.

7. Black Women Violence

  • Morrison, who claims thataggression is not as new to black women as it is to white women, has written that Theres a special kind of violence in writings by black women not bloody violence, but violence nonetheless.
    • Love is full of possession, distortion, and corruption.
    • The Bluest Eyes is a violent secret, the secret of illicit, traumatic, incomprehensible sex coming to its dreadful fruition.
    • Beloved is the violence of slavery.

B E L O V E D TheBluestEyes 8. THE END !