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  • Industries Company Co., Ltd.

    One Blue Hill Plaza#1518, 14th Fl.

    Pearl River, NY 10965Contact Office: 845-920-7970

    Re: Looking for Business Relationship July, 2012

    Dear Messrs,

    Thank you for this opportunity to introduce our company, which stands forTongil Industries Company. Our company was established in 1988 as an overall heavyindustry company consisting of 3 business divisions; Ball screw, Machine Tool, andAutomobile Components. Since our establishment, we have specialized in themanufacturing of ball screws for machine tools, industrial machinery, and automationrobots.

    Our company was the first Korean company to successfully establish a technicalpartnership with a leading Japanese ball screw manufacturer. We did this with KOYOMachinery and we have been producing components and ball screws to Koyos exactingstandards since 2008. Today, is the leading manufacturer of ball screws in Koreawith over 60% market share in high precision ball screws among domestic manufacturers.

    is also the leading player in the market for Universal Cylindrical GrindingMachines in particular, both manual and NC type, with each holding 60% of domesticmarket share from the early 2000s. Our machines are well recognized for excellentquality which our customers and users attribute to our expertise in assembly skills anduse of high quality ballscrew components. Please let us know what way we could be ofservice to your company in providing quality ball screws.

    Our company is opened to all discussions, possibilities and opportunities. If yourcompany would be interested, please feel free to contact me for further information orassistance anytime at your convenience.

    I am located in New York USA as your primary contact to support and assist youwith communications with our Headquarters located in Korea. I speak fluent English,Korean and Japanese so a translator will not be needed.


    Mr. Matthew K. Koh,

    Industries Company Co., Ltd.US Agent North/South America, Mexico

  • Industries Company Co., Ltd.

    Enclosed is an attachment with comprehensive information about TIC ballscrewproducts for your reference. But if you are interested for more details or have any furtherinquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our US contact office at 845-920-7970, for email contact.

    For more information in English visit our;

    - Contact website at Korean Head Office website (click English on the far

    upper right of the site).

    For communication assistance contact;

    - 845-920-7970 and/or


    TIC Ball Screw leaflet

  • T Series (Tube Type)

    D Series (Deflector Type)

    L Series (High-lead Type)

    R Series (Rolling Type)

    E Series (End-cap Type)

    TSF Type (No preload) - Tube Type - Flange - Single-nut

    TFP Type (Integrally preloaded) - Tube Type - Flange - Single-nut

    TFN Type - Tube Type - Flange - Double-nut

    TFF Type - Tube Type - Flange to Flange - Double-nut

    DSF Type (No preload) - Deflector Type - Flange - Single-nut

    DFP Type (Integrally preloaded) - Deflector Type - Flange - Single-nut

    DFN Type - Deflector Type - Flange - Double-nut

    DFF Type - Deflector Type - Flange to Flange - Double-nut

    TBSF Type - Tube Type - Built-in flange nut

    TNSF Type - Outer Diameter- Small flange nut

    TMS Type - Triangle screw type nut

    TFS Type - Square shape nut

    LTF Type(Integrally preloaded) - Tube Type - Flange - Single-nut

    LTP Type (Preloaded Oversize Balls)- Tube Type- Flange- Single-nut

    YEFType(Preloaded Oversize Balls)- End-cap Type- Flange- Single-nut

    LEFType (No preload)- End-cap Type- Flange- Single-nut

    Since it was founded in 1988, has specialized in the manufacturing of ball screws for machine tools, industrial machinery, and automation robots. TIC has grown to become the leading manufacturer of ball screws in Korea with over 60% market share in high precision ball screws among domestic manufacturers. Our high level of Research and Development combined with high precision and high quality make TIC unique and the clear leader of Korean ball screw manufacturers. The world market has an increasing demand for high-speed, high-precision, heavy duty, low-noise and also customized ball screws. TIC company has designed and manufactured new products for our customers implementing advanced development technologies. TIC has delivered a variety of ball screws, from the range of C3 to C10 high-precision, to both domestic and oversea machine tool manufacturers and industrial machine manufacturers. Our company relentlessly pursues advanced technology and quality based on ongoing research efforts in cooperation with academic institutions. While our company does pursue development through a technological perspective, we also apply the high level of management discipline required by operating an ongoing 6 sigma program of quality innovation. TIC is fully committed to providing BEST quality and MORE satisfaction in the overall business process with our customers.

    Industries Company Co., Ltd.


    was the first Korean domestic company to successfully establish a technical partnership with a leading Japanese ballscrew manufacturer. We did this with KOYO Machinery.

    High precision ballscrew products require a high level of technology and skill. The technical collaboration with KOYO has been an importat aspect of TIC's development. TIC began producing parts for KOYO from March, 2008 and we have been successful maintaining the stringent high precision and quality that KOYO requires.

    Today, TIC is recognized as the only Korean domestic company with the technological capability and experience to customize and manufacture high-precision and high-speed ballscrews. TIC also provides custom ballscrew application engineering following customer need and end-user request.

    Contact, inquiry, and discuss with our US agent to become our business partner.