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    Inherit the true love of God!

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    ❇ Registration for God’s Kingdom and the Fatherland

    — 9.9 by the heavenly calendar (Wednesday, October 5, 2011)

    The Registration for God’s Kingdom and the Fatherland began at 7 PM on 9.9 , by the heavenly calendar (Wednesday, October 5) at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, USA. The affair was a great success, with more than 1,500 clergymen and surname representatives in attendance. In Part I of the event, begun at 7 PM, a video clip was screened entitled 172 Clerics’ Song of Peace (related to the Registration for God’s Kingdom and the Fatherland), which had aired on in Korea. Part II of the event began with Rev. In Jin Moon’s welcoming address, followed by Rev. Hyung Jin Moon’s introductory address and a Sisterhood Ceremony for twenty-four clerics from the United States and an equal number of people from Korea representing surname-based clans. True Father then gave his keynote address.

    Rev. In Jin Moon said that she was at first disconcerted when instructed by True Parents to select and send 172 members of the clergy from all parts of United States to Korea, but she obeyed their instructions and invited forty-three clerics each from the four regions according to the four main compass points. In the end, she was able to send 172 American clerics to Korea. She added that after she had obeyed True Parents’ instructions to the letter, she understood that True Parents were indeed the Messiah, for she realized that the Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Islamic clerics from the four directions of North, East, West, and South were the NEWS from Heaven.

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    True Parents’ Recent Activities

    The Tongil Group: Latest News 2011

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    Rev. Hyung Jin Moon said in his address that Jesus had fiercely challenged the people with strong words like ―You brood of vipers‖ and ―You belong to your father, the devil,‖ as recorded in the Books of John, Matthew and Luke. He then said that True Parents, as the first and last True Parents of the cosmos, never ceased from teaching us, not because they hated or detested us, but because they wanted to guide us to the path of life. He ended his address by asking the audience to become people who can listen to what True Parents say and be in a position from which they can receive blessings from Heaven.

    Representatives of 172 clerics giving reports on the Registration Rally held in Korea

    Congratulatory Performance: Sonic Cult from New York

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    Establishment of sisterhood between representatives of Korean surname clans and American clerics

    True Parents presenting representatives of American members of the clergy with surname certificates

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    The 1,500 clerics, ambassadors for peace and church members from near and far that had come to attend the Registration for God’s Kingdom and the Fatherland appeared deeply moved to be a part of the historic event held for the first time in human history and returned glory to True Parents with loud cheers. They also listened attentively to the speech entitled The Cosmic Rally for the Declaration of the Substantial Word that Firmly Establishes the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

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    ❇ The True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind’s Victorious Return - 9.13 by the heavenly calendar (Sunday, October 9)

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    The 2011 Tongil Group Autumn Workshop and One-Heart Sports Festival was held for two nights and three days from October 6th to 8th 2011 at the Grand Hall and Sports Field at Yongpyeong Resort with more than 800 participants from providential institutions, churches and business organizations in attendance. Before this event, those working at institutions or business organizations and church leaders had had no occasion to get together and get to know one another, but through this opportunity everyone was able to share the Unification Family vision and renew their resolution to establish Cheon Il Guk. Moreover, the event provided an opportunity for those working at institutions or business organizations and church leaders to feel that they were cooperatively working with one heart for the providence.

    ▶ October 6, Thursday

    - Opening Ceremony

    2011 Tongil Group Autumn Workshop and One-Heart Sports Festival

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    - Report On October 6 (Thursday), after the Opening Ceremony, reports were given by representatives of the

    Tongil Foundation, business organizations and institutions at the Grand Hall of Yongpyeong Greenpia Condominium beginning at 3 PM. (Business organizations: Segye Times Ilshin Stone, Ilhwa, Sunwon Construction, TIC, Yongpyeong Resort; Institutions: Korean National Federation/Religious Council, PWPA)

    Foundation Report: Secretary General Sun Pyo Hong

    Ilhwa Report: President Seong Gyun Lee

    TIC Report: President Gil Soo Cho

    Sunwon Construction: President Sang Yoon Song

    Segye Times Report: CEO Byeong Soo Kim

    Ilshin Stone Report: President Hyeon Yeong Kim

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    On October 6 (Thursday), the first day of the workshop, after other reports had been presented, Rev. Heung Tae Kim of Sorocaba gave a brief report at 8 PM. Then a party was held, and all the participants had a chance to laugh and applaud and unite.

    - Entertainment

    Yongpyeong Resort: President Chang Joo Jeong

    PWPA: Chairman Dae Oh Son

    Korean National Federation/Religious Council:

    Chairman Dong Han Lee

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    ▶ October 7, Friday

    Chairman Kook Jin Moon and his wife respond to the entertainment

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    - Hoondokhae

    - Report after Hoondokhae On Friday, October 7, after the morning hoondokhae, Chairman No Hee Park of the Korean Cultural Foundation and Chief Ho Yeol Ahn of the External Relations and the Tongil Foundation’s Cooperation Department presented reports of their activies.

    Korea Culture Foundation

    Report: Chairman No Hee Park Media Coverage Report: Chief

    Ho Yeol Ahn

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    —Sports Festival

    Chairman Kook Jin Moon: Giving the Sports Festival Opening Address

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    Mrs. Ji Ye Park cheering on the tug of war competitors

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    ※ Results

    ★ Overall Results: 1st place TIC 2nd place Yongpyeong Resort 3rd place Choongcheong Region/Southern Gyeonggi Region

    - Soccer: 1st place Seoul region, 2nd place Ilhwa, 3rd place tie: Sunwon Construction and Honam Region - Foot Volleyball: 1st place TIC, 2nd place Northern Gyeonggi/Incheon/Gangwon Region,

    3rd place tie: Yongpyeong Resort and Choongcheong Region/Southern Gyeonggi Region - Tug of War: 1st place Choongcheong Region/Southern Gyeonggi Region, 2nd place TIC,

    3rd place tie: Yongpyeong Resort and Yeongnam Region - Relay race: 1st place Yongpyeong Resort, 2nd place Ilhwa, 3rd place TIC

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    Chairman Kook Jin Moon and his wife posing with the overall winner, TIC

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    Chairman Kook Jin Moon delivering the Sports Festival Closing Address with a wide smile

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    ▶ Saturday, October 8

    - Hoondokhae

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    - Report after Hoondokhae

    - 2nd Report

    On Saturday October 8, after the hoondokhae and presentations from UPF, and WFWP International, the

    UPF Report: Chief Jeong Pyo Hong

    WFWPI Report: Chairwoman Nan Young Moon

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    participants had breakfast and took a break, which was followed by reports about institutions (Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles [CARP], the Youth Federation for World Peace [YFWP], Cheon Bok Gung, the Korean Church and the World Mission Headquarters).

    - Closing Ceremony

    CARP Report: Chairman In Seon Shin

    YFWP Report: Chairman Gyeong Deuk Yu

    Cheon Bok Gung Report: Chief Sang Yeol Lee

    Event Planning Report: Director In Seok Nam

    Korean Church Report: Director Jong Kwan Kim

    World Mission Headquarters Report: Director Seong Il Cho

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    At the closing ceremony held on Saturday, October 8, Chairman Kook Jin Moon said:

    We have not come all the way here for our own benefit. We have walked our path with a firm resolution to dedicate our lives to God, to True Parents, to our nation, and to the entire world. When we first joined the church, we promised to lead lives of true love. I hope that all of us will renew our resolution made at that beginning time, when we vowed to live, not for ourselves, but for the sake of others. We have had many misunderstandings and heard many lies in our church until now. From now on, however, we will only see the truth. Good people always find the truth. When you live in goodness, you cannot live in falsity. You have worked hard until now to transform the Unification Church. Many sacrifices have also been made.

    Through such hard work and sacrifice, we have grown so far. If o


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