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  • Japan

    Carpet Tiles from TOLI Corporation Japan

  • TOLI Floor Quick Introduction TOLI Corporation is the most respected and most valued 93 years old Japanese Floor covering Giant that manufactures Carpet Tiles, Vinyl, Speciality Flooring & Other Interior Fabric products. ( ) ( TOLI started its operation in Itami, Hyogo prefecture - Japan in 1919 as Toyo Linoleum - the first linoleum manufacturer in Japan. By developing products such as Carpet tiles, Vinyl tiles, Vinyl Sheets and Speciality Flooring over the years, TOLI became recognized as a major floor covering company and currently ranks among the top 15 flooring manufacturers in the world! TOLI has its factories located at its Itami Head Quarters and also in Atsugi, Shiga, and Toyama in Japan. TOLI also manufactures Curtains, Wall Coverings & many other Interior Products. TOLI products have won many awards for the product designs & innovation in adopting new technologies for Flooring, Wall Covering, Curtains and other Interior Products! TOLI products undergo strict manufacturing process in Japan and hence enjoy a reputation built over a century for the Superior Quality & Performance!

  • Modular Carpets

    Vinyl Composition Tiles

    Solid Vinyl Tiles

    Vinyl Sheets

    Specialty Floorings

    Vinyl Skirting

    Product range of TOLI

  • Carpets can be used for both commercial and residential purposes


    Offices, Work places, Hospitals, Lounge, waiting Area,


    Houses and Hospitality Sector

    General Overview of carpets

  • TOLI Carpet tiles are manufactured in Japan with utmost care for quality.

    In all Nylon Carpets, Nylon 6-6 is used, which is the premium variant of Nylon and accounts for durability & strength.

    All our carpet ranges are having minimum gauge of 1/10, which would provide extended life and appearance retention of the carpets.

    All our Carpet Tiles are having minimum of less than 1.0 KV antistatic property.

    All Carpets are treated with Floridation process.

    All the 100% Nylon products are CRI GREEN LABEL PLUS certified, which would be helpful to meet the requirements of LEED CI criteria.

    Out of TOLI products, Low Carbon products are accounting for 66.8% ( As of year 2011 and excluding cove base and adhesive)

    The TOLI ECO SPIRIT- Recycle products are made up of recycled materials

    All our carpet tiles have 10 years warranty & very competitive pricing

    Facts on TOLI Carpets Product Range

  • Carpet Tiles for TASK / WORK AREAS

  • Yutaka 1000 Beautiful & Elegant Stripes


    Workstation Areas




  • YU 1100

  • GA-100W 1300 Series:

    1300 W series is characterized by its delicate Stripe Design

    Beautiful coloured Piles will create a new standard of Monolithic Installation

    Application: Workstation Areas Corridors Task

  • GA-100W 1400 Series:

    1400 W series Random - has a very impressive image where the stripes are melted in the base yarn with subtle color changes!

    Application: Workstation Areas Corridors Task

  • GA-100W 1700 Series Silky Line

    Application: Workstation Areas Corridors Lounge / Collaborative Conference / Training

    Beautiful & Vivid Striped image of this series - silky line, can create a sharper feeling on the floor!

  • GA-8700 - Waves

    Application: Workstation Areas Lounge / Collaborative Conference / Training

    This series is characterized by its unique 3-Dimensional wavy pattern Beautiful floor images can be created by monolithic installation!

  • GA 8700

  • GA-8800EM is a highly eco-friendly carpet tile product using 100% recycled nylon from air bags and post-consumer recycled vinyl backing!

    GA 8800EM

    Application: Workstation Areas Corridors Collaborative Lounge, Public

  • IRIS has a unique geometric pattern made by the stripes with different pile-density. It can create a very dynamic and striking image on the floor!

    IRIS GX 7200

    Application: Workstation Areas Corridors Collaborative Lounge, Public

  • NOTIS GX 7100

    NOTIS has a luxuriant image of sisal fiber in mellow colors, which can create refined and rich designs!

    Application: Workstation Areas Corridors Collaborative

  • GX-300 has a deep solid color image in textured loop piles. Combination with other graphic-designed carpet tiles is also very attractive!

    Solid Colors - GX 300 Loop Piles

  • Carpet Tiles for Board Rooms, Conference rooms, Training & Collaborative

  • Abundant 35 colors of GX-200 can create your originality and also convey a high-end image!

    Solid Colors GX 200 Cut Piles

  • Metal Inserts:

    GX-200 with a stainless chip will create a shipshape image...

    The standard type of GX-200 METAL DESIGN has a metal chip in the centre of the tile!

    Grid Cut with Metal Inserts

    Grid Cut

    New Concept: Make it 3 dimensional on the joints!!!

    GX-200 GRID CUT is made by bevelling each side of GX-200...

    By highlighting each tile form, various new floor images can be Created!

  • GA 970 GA-970 is a cut-pile wool carpet tile. Its high end image is very much suitable for conference rooms and executive rooms

  • Carpet Tiles & Planks for Collaborative / Lounge / Public Area

  • Collaborative Area

  • GA-2100 is a slimmed-down cut pile product with the beautiful colors inspired by light in Northern Europe. Its stylish low-cut surface structure can work for various applications. It also has an excellent antibacterial property, which is suitable for healthcare segments!


  • GRANDEOURSE can create an elegant feeling with its unique tile-by-tile shading and herringbone weave texture!

    Grandeourse Carpet Planks

    Application: Collaborative Public / Lounge / Open Areas Corridors

  • RARECLOUD V is one of the products of VARY collections,

    Unique gradation performs very attractively in a plank form of 250mm x 1000mm!

    Rare Cloud

    Application: Collaborative Public / Lounge / Open Areas Corridors

  • CONTINUOUS has very accurate pattern repetition so that the

    beautiful floor image is always continuous. Variety of designs

    in 2 tones can make a lot of combinations. A versatile carpet

    tile workable in any spaces!!!


  • CANNA is characterized by its continuation of beautiful linear design,

    which can create variety of sophisticated images!


  • CEMBALOs Unique

    Snatchy-linear pattern in basic 6 colors are very suitable for large spaces!

    Cembalo GX 2300

    Application: Public / Lounge / Open Areas

  • Carpet Tiles Japanese Designs

    Application Executive Floors, Open Areas, Executive Lounge etc.

  • Drawline GX 6400

  • Japanese aesthetic feeling IKI (swellish) is ultimately expressed in SOKOITARIs bold monochrome patterns. A lot of designs can be created by variety of combinations.


  • MT 5000 GOOD DESIGN AWARD winning product in 2006

    TOLIs own technology created beautiful 3-dimensional carpet tile products MTE(Melt Technical Embossing).MT-5000 conveys a unique paving stone image.

  • MT 5000 GOOD DESIGN AWARD winning product in 2006

  • Dust accommodation of the Pile Structure - Approx. 3,250 g/m2!

    It takes 2 metres of walking from the entrance to remove 90% of the Dust Particles!

    Estimated dust removal after 250,000 people have walked on the carpet is Approx. 2,400 g/m2!

    Estimated cleaning performance by a vacuum cleaner after 250,000 people have walked on the carpet is 82% !!!

    Dust Control Carpets

  • All our Carpet Tiles undergo floridation treatment, which enables the spilled liquids to stay aloof. The spillage can be wiped of so easily without leaving a stainAll our Carpet Tiles undergo floridation treatment, which

    enables the spilled liquids to stay aloof. The spillage can be wiped of so easily without leaving a stain

    FLORIDATION - treatment

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