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TODAY'S PRESENTATION. David John Grove Introduction Lynne Burney An Experience of the Power of Six Sharing the Experience Decoding the Experience Conclusion. David John Grove 1950 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • David John Grove Introduction Lynne Burney

    An Experience of the Power of Six Sharing the Experience Decoding the Experience Conclusionwww.lkb-coaching.com1


  • www.lkb-coaching.com2David John Grove1950 2008

    CLEAN LanguageCLEAN SpaceEMERGENT Knowledge : Power of Six

    Lynne Burney

    LKB School of Coaching and


  • www.lkb-coaching.com3Power of Six ExperienceSTEP 1

    Write down a compelling QUESTION that concerns you at the moment

    What will What isI eat X X my missionFor lunch ? in life ?


  • www.lkb-coaching.com4Power of Six ExperienceSTEP 2

    On ANOTHER piece of paper WRITE down your answers to the following questions

    And what is your FIRST answer to that COMPELLING QUESTION ?


  • www.lkb-coaching.com5Power of Six ExperienceSTEP 3

    Continue writing your answers

    And what does THAT QUESTION know about YOU now ?


  • www.lkb-coaching.com6Power of Six ExperienceSTEP 4

    Continue writing

    And what kind of relationship

    is there now between that question

    and those answers ?


  • www.lkb-coaching.com7Power of Six ExperienceSTEP 5

    Continue writing

    And what do you know now ?


  • www.lkb-coaching.com8

    The 6 "friends" of David GroveDECODING The Experience

    Proclaim Explain Reinforce

    Unity the stability Diversity >>>>>> of the client's Harmony "Story"


  • www.lkb-coaching.com9The 6 "friends" of David GroveDECODING The Experience

    Wobble (instability) De construction (burning) Emergence

    7 Re - Cognition



  • www.lkb-coaching.com10What makes Power of Six a powerful process in Coaching ?

    The client engages with his own information and not with the coach

    The numbers are the co-facilitators

    The page holding the client's words is the ear of the coach

    The coach's internal disciple - PRESENCE is what holds the space safe for emergence to occur

    The iterative question is what drives the system to reveal its knowledge

    Emergence depends on destabilising the current "story" allowing it to deconstruct so that new information can appear and the self can re-organize


  • www.lkb-coaching.com11Some ideas about what might be happening

    When we identify ourselves with our map of the world we resist changing the map through fear of loss of self.

    When we realise we can are not our maps or our "stories" we can separate our self from the map "story". When we are able to become a witness of our map and we can bear what was hitherto unbearable to think or feel, the map "story" can transform and the self can re-organize.

    Considerable disconfort can be experienced in this separation process (self from the story) which is why the coach has to be a confident holder of the safety frame especially in the deconstruction phase.


  • www.lkb-coaching.comCLEAN COACH TRAININGin PARIS 2009 in French

    April, 20 & 21stModule : CLEAN Language

    June, 22 & 23rdModule : CLEAN Language

    September, 14 & 15thModule : CLEAN Space

    November, 19 & 20thModule : Emergent Knowledge

    February, 16 & 17thModule : Integration & Articulation of the 3 processes CLEAN

    March, 27 & 28thModule : Validation Parcours12References : "The Joy of Six" Philip Harland "Metaphors in Mind" Penny Tompkins & James Lawley


  • www.lkb-coaching.com13TESTIMONIALDe : Hajo Specht []Date : dim. 23/11/2008 16:42 : Lynne BurneyCc :Objet : It's Magic

    Hello Lynne,I used Clean start and six questions this week and I am really impressed about the results. (and so was my client).It was the same person I talked about during the training.She came to session with a picture of sphre grise and aigle.When I asked her what would be her goal for the session the wrote that she wanted to be more confident.After 30 minutes we were through the process (I tried to slow down)The sphere grise moved inside her body and started to pulse like a heart it became transparent and at same time she had a very warm feeling and remembered how nice it was when she was a child and full of confidence and discovering the world.I really was in trouble because there were still 30 minutes to go and I was not really sure how to continue.When I asked her what she would like to do and when I told her that it was difficult for me because I would feel bad if we would not spent 60 minutes working she answered:I am so happy with what I discovered in 30 minutes. We could stop now and I would have no problem paying you the full hour!!!!I thank you very much for your teachings. Wolf comes alive in me.Bises,Hajo