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EVEN 4100 Environmental Sampling

Todays LectureAnnouncementsPhase I Environmental Site AssessmentPhase II Environmental Site Assessment

AnnouncementsLectureTuesday: Environmental site assessmentsThursday: HAZWOP (Bruce Renz)LabWednesday: HAZWOP, 2 pm, ECCE 1B47Wednesday, Sept 9: Phase I ESA (Jack Webster)meet in ECCE 1B47walk to siteproper attire for site inspectionWednesday, Sept 16: Report Writing Workshop (Jack Webster)Tchobanoglous and Leverenz, 2013. A Guidance Manual on the Preparation of Technical Reports, Papers, and Presentations, 2nd Edition.Environmental Site AssessmentsPhase I ESAASTM E1527-13

Environmental Site AssessmentPhase I ESA stepsclient-provided informationhistorical researchregulatory agency researchinterviewsproperty ownerssite personnelsite reconnaissancesubject property and adjacent propertiesassess topography, drainage, groundwater flow directionreportEnvironmental Site AssessmentClient-provided informationtitle recordsknown environmental liensactivity and use limitations (AULs)specialized knowledge about environmental problemscommonly known informationreasonably ascertainable informationvaluation reduction for environmental issuesowner, occupant, lessee, property manager informationreason for performing Phase I ESAEnvironmental Site AssessmentHistorical researchsearch of records regarding contaminationrequired distances based on site type, contaminant typeadjacent to property 1 mileup-gradient sourcesback to first developed use or 1940, whichever is earlierdatabase research companieshistorical aerial photos and topographic maps fire insurance mapsland titles; zoning and building permit recordsmining claimstime resolution of about 5-year intervals

Environmental Site AssessmentInterviewsconducted by Environmental Professionalmust include key personnelcurrent site ownercurrent site managercurrent occupants and lesseesabandoned propertiesmust interview adjacent property ownersquestionscurrent use, chemicals on siteknowledge of previous useknowledge of environmental investigations

Environmental Site AssessmentSite reconnaissanceshould be done by Environmental Professionalentire property (to extent practical)interiormaintenance areaschemical storage and use areasboiler roomsexteriordocument any access limitationslocked rooms, gases, dangerous accesssnow coveridentify RECsdocument with photographs

Environmental Site AssessmentReportdescribe purpose and scope of servicesdocument all findingslist RECs identifiedidentify information gapswere standards met?assess significance of gaps relative to RECsprovide opinions regarding RECsrecommend additional investigation for RECslist environmental concerns outside of Phase I scopeASTM section 13.1.5 has partial listdeclare certification as Environmental Professional

Environmental Site AssessmentPitfallsPhase I ESAs often regarded as a commoditylowest bidder regardless of qualityexample: Argo Mine, Boulder Countyclients may not prioritize delivery of informationpotentially different opinions about RECscaution regardingreliance lettersletter from one party toanother allowing reliance on previousPhase I ESA report

Environmental Site AssessmentPhase I ESAexample:Valmont Butte,Boulder, Colorado


Environmental Site AssessmentBrownfield sites CERCLAproperty where re-use or re-development is complicated by the presence or perceived presence of environmental contaminationpotential liability limits remediation of under-used or abandoned propertiesneighborhood blightreduced value of surrounding property

Environmental Site AssessmentBrownfields Redevelopment Small Business Liability Relief and Revitalization Act, 2002liability protection for purchasers and owners of contaminated propertymust conduct all appropriate inquiry to qualify for liability protectionother versions of innocent landownersbona fide prospective purchaserpurchaser unaware of anothers claim to property titlecontiguous property ownerowner unaware of contamination from adjacent propertyability to apply for grants to pay for property remediation and re-development

Environmental Site AssessmentBrownfields grantexample:Elysian Park,Jamestown, Colorado


Environmental Site AssessmentsExample from consulting firm

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

Environmental Site AssessmentsPhase II ESAassessment of expected environmental liabilities (RECs) of a sitesampling and analysistype, distribution, and extent of hazardous substancescomponentsSampling and Analysis PlanQuality Assurance Project PlanHealth and Safety PlanReport purpose, summary of sampling and analysis, health risk assessment, data validation, results and recommendationsASTM E1903-11

Environmental Site AssessmentsPhase II ESAexample:RTD FasTracksGold Line CorridorOlde Town StationDenver, Colorado



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