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  • 8/11/2019 Today, Tomorrow and Beyond in Mobile Learning and eLearning

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    Today, Tomorrow and Beyond inMobile Learning and eLearning

    Everything and Anything on eLearning and mLearningthrough three hands-on separately bookable workshops

    For Learning & Development (L & D) Professionals

    Full-Day Workshop A: 19th November 2014 Focus on foundations of developing e-based learning:The real world application $895 plus gst to attend

    Capacity: 20

    Half-Day Workshop B: 20th November 2014 Going hands-on with Mobile Learning Strategy & Design $495 plus gst to attend

    Capacity: 20

    Half-Day Workshop C: 20th November 2014

    The Mechanics of mLearning Deployment & Solving the IT Puzzle $495 plus gst to attend

    Capacity: 20

    Event Overview

    19 20th November 2014, Rydges Melbourne

    RodneyBeach,Director & eLearning ConsultantWhether you have an internal resource, teamr need to rely on a vendor, its importanthat when you kick-off an eLearning project,ou have a cohesive team, identify the risksnd agree on a project design methodologyhat is going to maximise the success of theLearning project.

    Peter Hawkins, Managing Director,Global Vision Media mLearning (or Mobile Learning) offers aunique set of privileges that far surpassthe conventional eLearning pedestalitself. mLearning is spontaneous, hugelycustomized and not to mention, low cost &portable. Yet, just a cursory understandingalone does not suffice.

    Jeevan Joshi, Director Client Solutions AsiaPacific, Upside Learning For Learning & Development (L & D)professionals, it is imperative to understandmLearning not just from the point of viewof creating & developing but also deploying.And unless the design & strategy can beunderstood alongside a perspective onIT, which many happen to overlook, the

    understanding itself is rendered incomplete.

  • 8/11/2019 Today, Tomorrow and Beyond in Mobile Learning and eLearning


    Today, Tomorrow and Beyond in Mobile Learning and eLearning19th November 2014, Rydges MelbourneAGENDA


    About the workshop leader:Rodney Beach has been working as an educational professional for over 16 years and has had more than 12 years ofmanagement experience, including the management of a Commonwealth educational facility and being the Director ofLiberate eLearning, with over 10 years specifically focused on the design and delivery of interactive multimedia, online andblended learning projects.

    Rod has experience in training needs assessments, human resource development, organisational learning, businessadministration and project management.

    Rod has successfully managed the relationships and eLearning design for organisations such as: Department of Education, BHPBilliton, Suncorp Group, Department of Health, Attorney Generals Department, Department of Justice, GE Money, Mazda, Parks Victoria,Department of Sustainability, Gippsland Tafe, NAB, Wesfarmers Group etc.

    Rod is respected for talking straight from the heart; youll hear the warts-and-all version of eLearning design and development from someonewith oodles of practical experiences derived through helping some of Australias and the Worlds largest organisations.

    Registration: 8.30 amWorkshop starts: 9.00 amWorkshop ends: 4.00 pm

    Facilitated by: Rodney Beach, Director & eLearning Consultant

    About the workshop: A dedicated hands-on, highly interactive workshop that will equip you with the fundamentals, through to an advanced understanding,of eLearning design and development allowing you to:

    Reflect on your current practices and processesIdentify areas of risk and process improvement based on benchmarked best practiceRecognise areas of inefficiencies within your team or approachGet a landing on WCAG and SCORM requirementsReview instructional design approaches that work in the real world

    Determine how to scope a solution, plan the development and manage an eLearning project or project team

    This workshop will lead you through the latest eLearning design best practice models youll be stepped through the end-to-end processesand practices that will equip you with the eLearning essentials, and much more. Practical experiences and first-hand implementation stories willbe peppered throughout the workshop; going well beyond the ideologies. Throughout the workshop, youre going to have the opportunity to hearwhat others are doing and why, whats working for them, and what needs to be done differently.

    During the workshop, you will craft an eLearning solution, create a robust project scope and practical task list, and share it within the group. You will learn how to plan, scope and manage an eLearning project taking into considerations factors such as the need to manage resources,vendors and even scope creep. If youre interested in maximising your efficiencies, learning to manage team and vendor relationships, andpractically applying quality instructional design in an eLearning context, then this workshop shouldnt be missed.Towards the end of the workshop, time will be allocated for you to raise any instructional design or project challenges youre facing with yourcurrent or planned project, and well aim to provide direct solutions through a round-table forum. Go on; start listing a few key project issues youwant to seek some clarity or vision around and raise them on the day for an immediate and simplified solution.

    Audience take-aways:

    Putting trends and theories into practice Applying ADDIE to eLearningGagnes and Kellers models in practice and applying the theoryEstablish an eLearning project team, and working with vendors6 fundamental traps to avoid when engaging a vendors helpBest practice eLearning methodology its not a one size fits allHow to scope a project so there are no surprisesPlanning and scheduling a projectUsability and eLearning WCAG accessibility standardsHow to avoid recreating the wheel templates and design efficiencies

    Instructional design in practice the good, the bad and the uglyGroup evaluations of live examples referenced throughout

    Government and Corporate eLearning Design and ManagementWhere to start and how to finish: the real-world application

  • 8/11/2019 Today, Tomorrow and Beyond in Mobile Learning and eLearning


    Today, Tomorrow and Beyond in Mobile Learning and eLearning20th November 2014, Rydges MelbourneAGENDA


    Registration: 8.30 amWorkshop starts: 9.00 amWorkshop ends: 12.00 pmLunch: 12.00pm -1.00pmFacilitated by: Peter Hawkins, Managing Director, Global Vision Media

    About the workshop:Technology is moving inexorably towards delivering to us what we as humans considers works best. Every newdevelopment more closely resembles the way our everyday communication unfolds and mobile technology is noexception. Few of us understand the impact of content being delivered as a monologue and in a generic one sizefits all way.

    We also know that the human attention span can be hugely short-lived, yet continue to deliver high doses of content.This is clearly because we have never had an option to provide manageable instructions which people can aptlyapply.

    It should come as no surprise that Mobile Learning is taking over all other forms of communication and theinevitability of this shift means that it is incumbent on all to understand Mobile Learning holistically.

    This hands-on workshop will cover:

    The applications, design and strategies for a remarkable Mobile Learning roll out

    Enable you to identify and understand what mLearning does well and more importantly, what it does less well

    Learn ways to maximize mLearning strengths to improve training outcomes

    Picking your moment delivery at the right instant

    Going hands-on with Mobile Learning Strategy & Design

    About the workshop leader:Peter is Global Visions Managing Director and his prior positions in the company have beenProfessional Services Director and Technical Director. His experience in these roles has equipped himwith the skill set necessary for QA management over Global Visions full range of projects (video,multimedia, web, online delivery).

    Peter has had a lifelong commitment to education and to multimedia. He joined Global Vision after lectur-ing in IT for five years at Monash University where he developed one of the first Computer Aided Learning

    applications and was commissioned by UNESCO to write a book chapter on e-learning strategies for the thirdworld. He later founded Clarinet Internet, one of Australia's first Internet Service Providers.

  • 8/11/2019 Today, Tomorrow and Beyond in Mobile Learning and eLearning


    C The Mechanics of mLearning Deployment & Solving the IT Puzzle

    Registration: 12.30 pmWorkshop starts: 1.00 pmWorkshop ends: 4.00 pm

    Facilitated by: Jeevan Joshi, Director Client Solutions Asia Pacific, Upside Learning

    About the workshop:Mobile connections are officially set to overtake the world population in 2014, as if they havent already. Mobilelearning (mLearning) empowers unique styles of learning, teaching, and assessment, while at the same timeaddresses the limitation of learning location with the mobility of portable devices.

    Yet, like every other technology, mLearning presents its own unique challenges. Badly designed and implementedmLearning results in poor business outcomes and loss of reputation. mlearning demands a clear strategy for design,as well as deployment. Another area which remains obscure is a simple yet clear understanding of IT, critical to theentire process.

    This workshop is designed to equip participants with a thorough grasp of essential elements of designing andimplementing mLearning, bas