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Programme canadien. Canadian Innovation. pour la commercialisation. Commercialization. des innovations. Program. To Kickstart Innovation. Encourager l'innovation. Office of Small and Medium Enterprises (OSME) | Bureau des petites et moyennes entreprises ( BPME ). Context. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Office of Small and Medium Enterprises (OSME) | Bureau des petites et moyennes entreprises (BPME)To Kickstart InnovationEncourager l'innovation

  • *ContextCurrent government programs to support innovation focus on:

    Budget 2010: The Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program (CICP) was created to help Canadian enterprises, particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs), bridge the Pre-commercialization Gap Government recognizes SMEs are the engine of the Canadian economyEnterprises often experience difficulties moving innovations from laboratories to the marketplaceThese challenges are particularly critical to SMEsEarly research and developmentLoans / financing

  • *These innovations will focus on four priority areas:Over a two-year period, the government will procure pre-commercial innovations to be tested by federal departmentsApproach

  • *Objectives

  • *Benefits of CICPFor Government Test and Use Latest InnovationsAddress Departmental ChallengesSupport Canadian BusinessesFor BusinessesConnect with Government DepartmentsReceive FeedbackBetter Prepared to Enter the Market

  • Is CICP right for you?*InnovationMust demonstrate that the innovation is an advance on the state of the artFirm Must demonstrate that they have the financial capacity, management team, and IP strategy to commercialize the innovationCommercialization ReadinessMust demonstrate that the innovation is at TRL 7-9 and that it has not been sold commercially

  • *Calls for ProposalsCalls for Proposals (CFP) will be posted on MERXTM- Additional information available on CFP will include mandatory, screening and point-rated criteriaProposals must:Be valued at $500K or less (GST/HST and shipping extra)Not have been sold commerciallyBe provided by Canadian biddersShow IP ownership or rightsInclude 80% Canadian contentBe in included in one of 4 Priority Area

  • **

  • **



    Pre-Commercial Product/Service

    Pre-Commercial Product/Service

    Product/Service in Development

    Current Commercially Available State of the Art Product/Service

    Not Eligible: Innovation is Not an Advance on the Current Commercially Available Product/Service



    Eligible: Innovation is an Advance on the Current Commercially Available Product/Service


    Pre-Commercial Product/Service


    TRL 7

    TRL 9


    TRL 1

    Not Eligible: Innovation must be at a TRL of 7-9

  • *CICP Process

  • Supplier Process in CICP*

  • Highest Ranked Within Budget*

  • Commercialization CapacityManagement TeamResources to sustain CommercializationAppropriate IP StrategyCommercialization StrategyMarket Roll-outOperating, Marketing, and Employment PlansConsideration of Market Risks*Firms are evaluated on:

  • *Call for Proposals is OpenCall for Proposals is ClosedMaking a Submission2. Read the Call for Proposals through carefully4. Create account on online submission system5. Determine time needed to answer questions6. Do NOT wait until the last minute3. Ensure Compatibility1. Register at MERX

  • *OutreachThe Office of Small and Medium Enterprises (OSME) will host and participate in events across the country

    These events will:

    Provide a better understanding of the CICP and federal procurement

    Utilize electronic tools such as web-tools and webinars

    Work with private and public sector organizations across the country to maximize outreach

    Create opportunities for suppliers to connect with potential testing departments

  • *1st Round OverviewSuccessful outreach campaign147 Events in 48 cities across Canada;More than 6400 unique visitors on the CICP website; andNational web bidders conference.Highly competitive round27 pre-qualified innovation proposals;Almost all of the 27 pre-qualified proposals are now matched with testing departments

  • *CICP Contact InformationProgram

    Program innovation


    Subscribe to the CICP updatemailing list(on home page of program website)

    *There are many programs out there that support early and mid-stage R&D. Some provide tax incentives, while others may be Grants and Contributions programs or loans and financing programs. These programs are offered by different levels of government, by non-government organizations, and by the private sector.

    Through the work that OSME does we found that there are a number of gaps for companies with innovations in late-stage R&D: Pre-commercialization Gap companies are having difficulty moving their innovations from the lab into the marketplaceFinding that first buyer companies tell us that it is very difficult to find that first time buyer that reference sale. For a new innovation, customers want to know who companies have sold to before. They view these innovations as being higher risk, and they are not willing to take the risk of being the first buyer.Companies told us that it is easier to sell to foreign governments than it is to sell to the Canadian Government. We found that the Government of Canada has no good way of buying innovations.

    In response to these challenges the Government launched the CICP. It is designed to support Canadian companies in moving their innovations into the marketplace.

    This program was announced in Budget 2010 as part of Canadas Economic Action Plan.

    Right now, this is a pilot program, with $40 million over 2 years.