to be an effective leader, youve got to learn to say no

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  1. 1. To Be an Effective Leader, Youve Got to Learn to Say No.
  2. 2. As a business owner, everyone and their brother is coming to you and asking you to do something. Can you donate to this charity golf tournament? Can you hire my teenage son? Can you give me a raise? Can you sponsor this or sign up for that? Can I pick your brain about something?
  3. 3. You need to learn when to say no to requests from others AND when to say no to yourself.
  4. 4. Saying No to Others
  5. 5. The majority of requests we receive are related to others asking something from us.
  6. 6. We don't want to make other people unhappy. Saying yes just feels easier.
  7. 7. Before you say yes, ask yourself if this is truly a wise use of your time or if youre choosing the easy way out.
  8. 8. Remember that every time you say yes to something, you are saying no to something else. Yes, I'll do all that work for $40 - then you're saying no to getting another job in that extra time you spend on the original house and making double the money. Yes, I'll sponsor a hole at the charity golf tournament - you're saying no to spending that marketing money on something you know brings in a good ROI.
  9. 9. You might even need to say no to potential new clients.
  10. 10. If your teams are maxed out, or not fully trained, you might have to say no or put a prospect on a waiting list.
  11. 11. Saying no is not selfish. If you say yes too often, you don't have time to do what you've promised to do. You simply aren't honoring your existing obligations with your best efforts.
  12. 12. Saying NO to Yourself
  13. 13. Field service owners are used to Doing It Themselves. What other beliefs are holding your business back?
  14. 14. Our tendency is to simply rush in and do a task rather than go Why are you still doing $10/hour work? through the time to explain it and delegate it to someone else.
  15. 15. You would do it better anyway, right? WRONG! This wastes time and money.
  16. 16. You need to learn to say no when someone asks you to do something that another person in the company could do.
  17. 17. Not only does this free you up to work on those things that bring in the most money, but it also allows others to develop new skills and experience. Why you need to get yourself out of the field!
  18. 18. You also need to learn to say no when it comes to working overly long hours.
  19. 19. Running yourself ragged risks getting burned out and making yourself sick.
  20. 20. You also don't get a chance to try new things if you're always working on the business because you don't have any time to spare.
  21. 21. Saying NO Respectfully
  22. 22. Most of us feel very awkward and uncomfortable when we have to tell someone NO, and if we don't do it in the right way, we can unintentionally offend.
  23. 23. So, when telling someone no, there are a few things to consider.
  24. 24. Don't procrastinate. While it is OK to sleep on your decision, waiting too long just builds up tension and makes the situation worse.
  25. 25. Be respectful. Giving a short description or story of your situation sometimes helps to explain why you are saying NO.
  26. 26. Choose your words carefully. This is part of being respectful, but the language matters, especially in an email where the tone doesn't convey.
  27. 27. Communicate in the medium of your choice. Face to face is always best where the person can see and hear you. Phone is next best where at least they can hear your tone of voice and inflections. Email/text should be your last choice, as it is most prone to misunderstandings.
  28. 28. Be clear when stating your No. Don't waffle around. "No, I cannot attend your event because I will be out of town that weekend.
  29. 29. Provide an alternative if you have one. If you can help in the future, at a different time, or can send someone else or money to help, let them know.
  30. 30. Write down your response and think on it first. If you think your response is going to be at all controversial, let someone else look it over before sending. Sleep on it and review to make sure you are still being respectful.
  31. 31. Be ready to repeat. Sometimes the person asking for your help is persistent. You need to stand firm and repeat your no until they get the message.
  32. 32. When considering whether to say yes to something, keep in mind the vision you have for your business. If this doesn't move towards that vision in some way, the best answer is usually to say no.
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