to be a compassionate, inclusive and joyful faith ... birthday wishes it has come to my attention...

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    To be a compassionate, inclusive and joyful faith community TRINITY HAPPENINGS FOR May 29th – June 5th, 2020

    Check out our you tube page for our live streams!


    Sunday, May 31st, 2020

    Pentecost Sunday

    READING: 1 Corinthians 12: 3b-13 READER: Courtney Losey SERMON: Stay Weird

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    Update and Church

    Procedures at this time, we are taking

    precautions and adjusting our procedures with

    regard to coronavirus. The church office is

    CLOSED, but Courtney has access to both e-mail

    and voicemail and will check both systems

    regularly. Allan is also available by phone at (905)

    715-6203 or by e-mail at for

    any pastoral care issues or other concerns. We will

    be having an online worship Sunday at 10:30 a.m.;

    please stay home and watch our live stream. The

    live stream is available at

    Search for Trinity United Church Gravenhurst to

    find us. The offering will NOT be collected during

    this time, but we encourage you to sign up for

    P.A.R., or continue to give your regular offering to support our much-needed ministries

    especially at this time. Bring your envelope to the office on Tuesdays or Thursdays, or mail it

    to us-whatever feels safe for you. Many of our weekly events including Choir, Study Group

    and other small groups/ministries are CANCELLED until further notice. Please check with

    your group leader if you have any meetings to see if they are still running. We hope and pray

    that everyone will keep safe in this time and, we thank you for your patience with our adjusted


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    Comic Corner

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    Anyone need help running errands or afraid

    to go out? Sharon Kittson has volunteered to

    assist anyone in the congregation who needs

    help with running errands or anything else at

    this time. If you can’t get out or are afraid to

    get out, please call Sharon at (705)242-3725

    or email her at Thanks,

    Sharon, for volunteering to do this!

    If not, then please do!!!



    it’s simple, it’s easy, it’s accurate, PLUS: John (and

    Courtney) like this! Come and see Courtney in the

    office during the week! All we require is a signature

    and a voided cheque!



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    Now we’re cookin’! Holy smokes, it’s been hot this week. I am thankful for my air

    conditioner and fans I will say that much! Where did all this heat come from anyway?!

    Maybe it has something to do with Pentecost this Sunday? Thank goodness next

    week is going to be cooler (at least to start with anyway). I like warmer weather, but

    not too hot. I know there are a lot of people who have health issues that can be

    exacerbated by heat and they may not be able to get out. There are also folks who

    don’t have air conditioning and they currently don’t have access to cooling stations

    either. These people may be having troubles in this warmer weather too.

    That’s what our pastoral care team is for! They can help you through the tough times

    in your life and whatever is getting you down. If you would like a visit from the

    pastoral care team, please give the office a call and let me know. We can’t help if we

    don’t know you need it! Thanks, and have a wonderful and safe weekend!!!

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    Join us in the Pews! Lots of you have sent

    in a picture of yourselves so we can put

    them in the pews and make it seem like you

    are here with us on Sundays. We thank

    those who have already done so, and we

    encourage others to send us a picture via e-

    mail to

    We look forward to having as many of you

    join us as possible!

    Hymn Writing Challenge

    How It Works:

    1. Write new words to a familiar hymn.

    2. Send it to us.

    It’s that easy!

    Simply send in your new words to a familiar hymn (from our

    Voices United or More Voices hymnals), and we’ll present them

    in an upcoming Sunday service (with your permission). Or perhaps you’d like to send in a video of yourself performing

    your words? Or reciting them? There are many possibilities... let’s explore them all!

    Send contributions to me directly at or to the church office at:

    What to write about?

    We want you to capture elements of this Covid-19 world quarantine experience in hymn form! Perhaps you would like

    to describe what it’s been like to watch the Trinity church services from home, or wondering when you can go back to

    choir practise, or how you’re inspired by those in our community making endless masks for others and helping in new


    How to Write New Words to Old Hymns

    If you’ve never written lyrics to music, no worries, in this case just look at any given hymn’s original text to start

    generating ideas about replacing words with a funnier, rhyming word. Or start with the hymn’s title and go from there.

    For instance, see if quarantine could rhyme with any words, or thinking about the new buzzwords we know such as

    ‘social distancing’, ‘6 meters apart’, ‘stay home’, etc.

    Playing around with the words like this begins to generate more and bigger ideas and, before you know it, you’ve got

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    your own brand new hymn.

    My favourite approach to a task like this is to decide to do it and then let your brain percolate on it a little while listening

    to hymns or looking through hymnal. When I am finally filled with an emotion of loneliness, as an example, use that

    emotion to lead your writing. Have something to say! And avoid witticisms that, in the end, to not add up to a

    substantive whole. Instead, let yourself truly express!

    Get ready to find flow through this creative outlet!

    Masks are available Just so everyone knows,

    it has been brought to our attention that

    Diane Harrop, Penny Varney and Joanne

    Irvine are all busy sewing cloth masks for the

    community and have offered some to the

    congregation if you want one. Please let

    them know if you do and I’m sure they can

    get you one. Thanks for doing this, ladies!

    Stay safe everyone!

    REMINDER: Congregational Letter Just

    a reminder that I have mailed out a

    congregational letter from Allan to everyone

    I have on our mailing list. Most of you

    should have it by now. If not, please call

    me at the church office so I can update

    your contact information and get you a

    copy. My profound apologies to anyone we

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    missed. There is also a copy on the home page of our website, under the picture of the church.

    Can’t be at Church on Sunday? Great

    news! Now you can join our live stream

    or catch the sermon at your convenience

    from wherever you are! All you need is

    an internet connection on your device.

    Go to and search

    Trinity United Gravenhurst Live church

    service. There is also a direct link in the

    upper left corner (the red play symbol

    button) on our website!

    Great news everyone! We now have

    an active Facebook page! Find us at

    Trinity United Church Gravenhurst and

    like the page! Then don’t forget to

    “check in” when you come to service

    and send “like” requests to your

    friends! We are doing well with 78

    likes on our page now! Way to Go!!

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    Stewardship Message The use of

    Preauthorized Remittance (PAR) is a

    very convenient way to give to the

    church. All you have to do is set up

    your desired monthly donation

    amount and the rest happens

    automatically for the rest of the year.

    If the amount is not changed

    annually, the same amount

    continues into next year.

    As we head into a new year, we ask that you examine your PAR

    givings to see if they can be increased for 2020. It is much needed

    to help offset the increased costs in operating the church.