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Research blast: Mobile ROI beyond click-throughs Speaker: Joe Webb, Regional Head of Digital, TNS Asia Pacific


  • 1. Research blast!Mobile ROI beyond click-throughsJoe WebbHead of DigitalTNS Asia Pacific@webbonthewebbConnected Life 2014 TNS 2014

2. Connected Life 2014 explores how technology is transforming the lives of consumersacross the planetConnected Life 2014 TNS 2014250countries55,000consumers 3. Think about two thingsAccess AttitudeConnected Life 2014 TNS 2014 4. Access; how good is your supply of internet?No access tointernetsMobile onlyConnected Life 2014 TNS 2014Public Wi-FiAll you can eat dataMulti-device accessFull access to a shiny,sparkling internetsRich ecosystem available 5. Attitudes; what is your level of demand for digital devices, services and content?Late adopterPrefer physical formatsConnected Life 2014 TNS 2014PC legacyKeen to own new devicesMid-adopterEarly adopterInterested in the new 6. One implication of this? A greater focus on mobileHours per day mobileEmerging Asia Developed West Developed AsiaConnected Life 2014 TNS 20142.83.62.9 3.1 3.11.3 1.1 1.2 2.5 2.6Vietnam Philippines Indonesia Thailand China UK France Germany Canada USA Malaysia Taiwan SouthKoreaHong Kong Singapore 7. TV moves to videoTraditional TV and online video usageConnected Life 2014 TNS 2014Heavy online videos,Heavy TVHeavy online videos,Light TVTV consumptionPhilippinesLight online videos,Heavy TVLight online videos, LightTVOnline video consumptionHeavy online videosMax. 8.8 times a weekLight online videosMin. 2.6 times a weekHeavy TVMax. 3.0 hrs dailyLight TVMin. 0.8 hrs dailyHong KongIndonesiaKenya NigeriaSouthKoreaUKUSA 8. OV moves to mobileDevices used to watch online videos Hong KongVietnamUSALarge screen mobile share ofsmartphone market (%)Connected Life 2014 TNS 201492338South Korea 52Mobile share of onlinevideo viewership (%)16173040Hong Kong 9. 40% 41%Connected Life 2014 TNS 20143%5%17%34%3%40%14%2%Print Radio TV PC MobileTime Spent (consumers)Ad Spend (advertisers)Mobile is now the primary screenFor Hong Kong consumers, not Hong Kong advertisersTime spent vs. ad spend 10. Offers a range of new ways to connectConnected Life 2014 TNS 2014BrandBuildingBrandActivationBrand extensions Contextual targeting Omnichannel retailing 11. Mobile ROI beyond click-throughs TakeawaysConnected Life 2014 TNS 2014Think objectives,not platformsIts not measurement,its optimisationAccelerate 12. Connected Life 2014 TNS 2014