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2. TME Group Overview
The TME Group provide specialist services to the mining and oil & gas industries, where the strengths of our long history provide both a wealth of experience and client satisfaction that they are dealing with an organisation that has strong resources.

TME has been involved in both the mining and oil & gas industries over the years, and is supported by our team of technical and strategic specialists, who have experience in all areas of the industry, including:

  • Engineering Design

3. 4. Fabrication 5. 6. Construction 7. 8. Mill Installation and Relines 9. 10. Fabrication of Reline Liner Handler Machines 11. 12. Project Management and Engineering Support 13. 14. Administration, Payroll and Recruitment 15. 16. Collaborative Contracting
The TME Group has been in operation from 1952 with extensive experience gained in providing Structural, Mechanical and Piping (SMP) services, as well as Mill Installation and Reline Services.

The TME Group have workshop and office facilities in Geraldton, Perth, Kalgoorlie, Cairns, Hobart and South Africa, with the capacity to mobilise to site on relatively short notice.

The TME Group utilises a dedicated internal recruitment service, where the prime responsibility is to ensure that all required personnel are sourced, pre-qualified and are job ready to commence work when required to do so. The low turnover rates we experience is a testament to the level of service provided to both the Client and our field personnel.

The capacity of TME is underpinned by the fact that there are in excess of 450 personnel currently employed, with the capability to extend well beyond this figure.

TME have undertaken national and international contracts, where there has been a requirement to provide experienced personnel and equipment, and have the strength and stability required to undertake projects in the current market environment.

The work we undertake encompasses all aspects of the project, from initial contract start-up through to commissioning and post commissioning support.
17. Engineering
The TME Group can provide Whole of Project services, that include Feasibility and Design of projects, including Engineering, Procurementand Contract Management (EPCM), as well Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), so as to ensure that the clients requirements and quality management is maintained at a high level throughout the project.

The TME Group, in conjunction with our Alliance Partners, can provide range of engineering services, and has the ability to work with the client as part of an integrated working alliance.

Skills that can be provided to the client include:
Engineering Design
Design Drafting and Drafting Management
Contract Management
Project Management
Sub-Contractor Management and Collaboration
The TME Group have fabrication workshops in Geraldton, Cairns, and alliances in Perth and Thailand, and have the ability to provide cost effective and quality output, whilst maintaining a strong presence in Australian based engineering and project management, thus providing the client with a high level of representation.

The TME Groups distinction lies in the areas of:

fabrication of platework, piping and structural steel
equipment management,
supply of skilled personnel
exotic welding capability
project management
specialised equipment manufacture
18. Construction
TME can provide services to clients by way of managed works packages, installation only, or based on full construction management, including supervision / management of sub-contractors based on a vertical packageof works.

All TME Construction Managers and Supervisors hold the appropriate level of qualifications, have extensive experience in their respective fields, and have received the full suite of Systems training and Project information briefings.

Senior project personnel are formally introduced to the client prior to the commencement of each project.


  • capability range contract values up to A$40M

19. structural steel erection 20. conveyor galleries installation and commissioning 21. pipe installation 22. crusher installation 23. thickener and tank installation
Plant relocations

  • dis-assembly and re-assembly of complete plants

24. refurbishment of plant and structures 25. reconfiguration of plant to suit new application 26. modifications to meet new process requirements 27. refurbishment and reinstallation of mills and crushing plants.

  • mine and process plant breakdown and routine maintenance

28. installation or modification to operating plant 29. assistance with teams or individuals for emergencies or planned shutdowns 30. capability for immediate response to emergency situation.


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