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  • TLV car sharingStudents sharing a car in the city of Tel Aviv Authors: Inbal Shomroni, Natalie Verter, Inbal Nechin, Naama Goldschmidt Professors: Franois Jgou, Adital ella School: HIT - Holon Institute of Technology

  • Hi, Im Inbal and Im a student from Tel aviv

  • This is the street I live in

  • Soo crowded, its difficult to find a parking space

  • I spend most of the day studying, thats why Im broke

  • So my friends and I decided to share a car, we named it Leon Suzuki

  • Ooh, its my turn to go to the market

  • Ill update Leons status, to see what my friends need from the market

  • Leon Suzuki: off to the market! Anyone need anything?

  • Naama answers: Please get me the usual, plus some cream cheese

  • Great stuff at the Organic Market! Could never have gotten here without our car!

  • Sorry, I didnt find the cream cheese you wanted

  • Not much petrol leftIll just leave a note to the next driver Hi, Sorry I forgot to stop for gaz buy me batteriesN.Please Wash the Car S.

  • Dropping off the car at AdisGreat! I dont have to find parking!

  • Bye Bye