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Titan portal


  • 1. T I T A N T E A M P E T E R M C H E U N G 6 3 @ H O T M A I L . C O M Titan - Portal

2. What is Titan Portal It is for people to admin their stuff on cloud It is for hosting company to provide a portal to end user Cooperating with Stackinsider to deploy the titan portal 3. What tech we used Completely in Java, standard JavaEE project Deploy to any JavaEE server. E.g. Tomcat, weblogic, jetty Support theme in XML Adding a page is easy, we use OSGi 4. Titan 5. Titan 6. Titan Portal 7. Titan Portal 8. Our Road Map 9. Road Map Release to public 2014/9/1 Stackinsider trail date : 2014/8/xx 10. Thank you Peter mcheung63@hotmail.com QQ : 348478154 Skype : mcheung64 Blog : http://peter.kingofcoders.com


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