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  1. 1. Tips To Decorate Your Rooms With Interior Wall Paint Decorating the interiors may cost you a lot especially when you need to change a lot of things in a room such as furniture, fixtures, etc. You can cut the amount by taking a DIY (do-it-yourself) option. You may ask your flat mates to help you in redecorating the rooms. You can start with the walls. To give a lively look, choose vibrant colors and finishes for the walls. Changing interiors is not that difficult, you just need to be a bit creative and you can give a classy touch to the dcor. You can give a fresh look to the interiors by choosing colors that please you and the eyes of your flat mates. Instead of choosing thick rolls of wall and floor papers which are quite expensive you can use go for painting your interior wall surfaces. But, choose the wall paint wisely. Wall paints for moist areas of the home like kitchen and bathroom should be protected from mold and mildew. These paints will last much longer than the wall stickers. And, also these are capable of standing out even in varying temperatures unlike the standard paint.There are several ways by which you can turn the look of your home walls. Texture painting for interior walls can give a catchy backdrop to your living room. Try some unusual shades and finishes while painting your home. You can even try different types of paints to add a wow factor to the walls of your house. With wall paint effects, one can add depth and intensity to the interiors. Different types of brushes, rags, sponges are available in the market to create variety of effects. For that, you do not even have to hire any expert. Random designs on the walls can transform any basic room into a stylish one. Lets suggest you few easy-to-create effects that can work wonders for your walls: 1. Sponging: You can experiment with this technique of painting. If you want, you can even use multiple shades to give an artistic look to the room. Paint your walls with a base coat and once it is dried, use different shades and apply it over the walls with a sponge. For example, if you want to splatter the paint over the base coat, press the sponge gently and leave it after twisting the sponge. This will give a sturdy look to your interior walls.
  2. 2. 2. Stenciling: To add patterns to your walls, you can use stencils. Pick stencils of your choice such as your favorite cartoon character, shapes, objects, etc. Let your creative mind choose the best from the plenty of options that are available in the market. You can even set a theme for your room and select stencils that match with the theme. Custom made stencils are also available.With these cost-effective methods, you can give a sophisticated look to your home. These easy to DIY methods will keep away from spending money on expensive wall accessories or hiring a professional interior designer. Now, start imagining beautiful patterns to adorn your walls and create it yourself. To know more visit


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