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Tips to Create a Strong and Secure Password Creating a strong password is not a difficult task, yet most of people left their accou t ith a si ple a d eak pass ord. Its ot ecessary, all passwords need to be secure but the password that is personal, it should be remain personal such as primary email account, an online bank account, or an account with any organization that contains your credit card details. Well, as it is already mentioned, anybody can create strong password but first off, you must understand what makes a password insecure. Mainly Passwords have two types of weaknesses: It can be guessed. It can be discovered if your account is being targeted. How Does Somebody Guess a Password? A Tech-savvy person can easily guess your password by using databases of: Real words, taken from dictionaries in many languages, By doing variations on those words, and Using sequences of letters and numbers. Rule : Do t Use Ob ious Co bi atio s of Digits or Alphabets Most of people create password this way. In fact, it is one of the most popular passwords that are being followed by the people. If you will use password like 12345678, abcdefg, or mnopqr, etc, most probably accou t is ot safe a d secure. Ho e er, its fi e to use for orthless account but how it can be used for an important accounts. Rule : Do t Create Pass ord b Usi g Real Words This is not a good way to create strong password. If you find a word in a dictionary or put your password on the name of people, cities, or obscure words can be hacked easily because these variations are included i the ordlist of hackers. So do t try to use real ords or combination of digits. Rule : Do t Use E te ded Real Words Sometimes, people use real words by extending it but still it is not a secure password. This type of passwords is usually a short combination of common numbers or letters for instances, d1asp0ra123. It is looking complicated but an easy task to discover it for cyber criminal. Rule : Do t Use Perso al Words Never inserts personal details while creating password because it can be guessed by basic personal information. People who use social media such as face book, twitter, and other accounts, post personal information on regular basis. Cyber criminal can guess your password by comprehending such post. If you still facing any kind of problems while creating password, feel free to contact with Email support Helpline toll-free number +1-877-229-6322. Our technicians will help you in resolving all types of problems.