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If you have an office in Leamington Spa and are looking for an office supply company who can design as well as supply office furniture then Vale Office Interiors Ltd are recommendable.


  • Tips on Decorating an Office

    Since you and your employees will spend so much time at the office,its a good idea to put a lot of thought into how its going to bedecorated. Not only is your office where you pursue new businessopportunities and fight for market share, but its also the public faceof your company.

    When decorating your office space, its important to think about themost important aspects of good design and to make the best use ofthe space you have available. You can hire office design consultants tohelp you with the process but its also possible to tackle the projectyourself as long as you know the right way to go about it.

    Below are some key factors to consider

    Factors to consider

    Colours Its been shown that colours have a big affect on ourpsychology. We naturally associate the colour red with danger,

  • strength, power and passion whereas yellow is associated withjoy and happiness. When deciding on what colours to use for thepaint and dcor in your office, you should think about what it isthat you do.For conservative business such as law firms and banks, neutralcolours are always a good choice. For creative environmentssuch as a graphic design studio or photographers office thencolours that are vibrant and stimulation would work well.

    Office furniture The furniture you use in the office will have abig impact on its overall look. When selecting office furniture,you should take account of your budget and choose desks andchairs that are affordable but also comfortable and high quality.

    Making good use of space Every office is laid out differently,but theres always an optimal way to make the most of the spaceyou have available. This is where having an office designcompany can pay dividends. Theyll be able to draw up plansthat will show you how to use the space available for maximumbenefit.

  • Ergonomic issues - When decorating your office space, youshouldnt just think of aesthetics, but also the comfort of yourstaff. Issues such as back pain and eye strain can end up costingyour company a lot so, its never a bad idea to designate anergonomics coordinator to help ensure that your office is acomfortable and safe place to work.

    Office furniture Leamington Spa

    If you have an office in Leamington Spa and are looking for an officesupply company who can design as well as supply office furniture thenVale Office Interiors Ltd are a great choice. You can do a Google searchfor office interiors Leamington Spa to check out their website and seethe range of office furniture that they have on offer.