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The key to harnessing the power of LinkedIn? Gain greater visibility. This presentation explore ways that you can optimize certain elements of your LinkedIn presence (both personal and company), so you will increase your visibility and sales funnel for more business.


  • Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn

    Jennifer Culbertson | Looking Glass Marketing October 22, 2013

  • What Well Cover Today

    Why LinkedIn?

    Tips for Improving Personal Profile

    Get More Out of Company Pages on LinkedIn Using LinkedIn Analytics

    Q & A

  • LinkedIn Background

    Worlds largest professional networking site

    It is one of the leading go to social media resources

    More than 85 million members in more than 200 countries

  • LinkedIn Statistics

    40% of users check LinkedIn daily Average time user spends on LinkedIn 17 minutes 3 million LinkedIn Company pages 1.2 million products/services showcased on LinkedIn

    Company pages 1.5 million LinkedIn groups 1 billion total LinkedIn endorsements Only 50.5% of users have complete profiles as defined by

    LinkedIn 90.9% prefer using the Free version

  • B2B Statistics on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is 227% more effective for B2B lead

    generation than Twitter

    and Facebook - (Hubspot)

  • How Can LinkedIn Help You?

    77% users say LinkedIn helped them research people and companies

    69% said that it helped reconnect with past business associates

    50% said it was good for building new network relationships with individuals who may influence potential customers

    Source - LinkedIn

  • Why Should You Care?

    Improve SEO and online presence (Google typically scores optimized LinkedIn profiles high)

    Provides unique and targeted networking/relationship-building opportunities

    Enhance your credibility and influence

    Earn trust and recommendations

    Generate more leads and build more business!

  • Tips for Improving Your Personal Profile

  • Typical Issues with Profiles

    Not displaying your photo

    Headline doesnt describe what you do

    Status updates are not appealing

    Not having at least 3 recommendations

    No effort to make connections

    Not listing 3 websites

    Not claiming your personal URL

    Summary lacks rich keywords

  • What makes your profile complete?

    Your industry and location

    An up-to-date current position (with a description)

    Two past positions

    Your education

    Your skills (minimum of 3)

    A profile photo

    At least 50 connections

    LinkedIn favors:

    Profiles that are complete

    Networks of connected people

    LinkedIn groups

    Profiles chock-full of the same keyword(s) - Name, Headline, Company Name, Job Title and Skills

    Complete Profile

  • Professional Photo

    Professional Photo - This will make your profile 7x more likely to be viewed

    Photo should be formal and professional

    Format - JPG, GIF or PNG file

    File size - 4MB maximum

    Pixel size - 80 x 80 minimum and 500 x 500 maximum

  • Write a Descriptive Headline

    3 LinkedIn Headline Tips 1. First think value proposition

    How do you provide value? 2. Think target audience Whom do

    you provide value for and who will read this?

    3. Included keywords Include keywords in your headline that you think people will do searches for

  • LinkedIn will create a public profile address for you.

    Not really memorable or likely to get you found on Google.

    Personalize Your URL

    TIP: Dont use your company name in your LinkedIn URL. A better choice is use your full name or Twitter username.

  • Customize Your Websites

    TIP: Choose Other regardless of what kind of website it is. This will allow you to insert your own title and be more


  • Connect Your Twitter Account

    TIP: Go to Settings, add Twitter account.

  • Complete Your Experience/Summary

    TIP: Write your summary in the third person. Otherwise,

    youll be using the letter I quite a bit.

  • Add Work Samples Add samples to the Summary, Education, and Experience sections on your profile

    Presentations, eBooks, blog posts, videos, etc.

  • List Work History

    TIPS: List at least 2-3 past positions. If your company

    appears in the drop down once you type, click on it to

    ensure you get grouped with fellow employees.

  • Add Educational Achievements

  • Make Your Profile Public

    TIP: Be visible to Everyone in the effort to build your network.

  • Make Connections

    Connections - Connections are two-way relationships of trust between people who know each other.

    You will want to connect with co-workers, colleagues, classmates and friends Invite contacts you know through email

    to connect with you They will have to accept your invitation Personalize the invitation to someone you

    met at a networking event It was really great meeting you today, I would like to add you to my professional network

    How many connections? Some say 10 times your age Average around 300 or so

  • Get Endorsed

    Endorsements - This is where you can portray your specific skills

    Connections will be able to endorse you for the skills that are relevant

    Endorse someone in your network for a skill

    This will increase the likelihood that they will reciprocate

    Make sure you only endorse someone for skills that you know they possess

    You can hide endorsements as well

  • LinkedIn Groups

    Groups provide a social network for people to share similar interests

    Groups are a top feature of what users like in LinkedIn

    Research groups to join

    Look for groups in your target audience

    Start your own group to host discussion

  • Leverage LinkedIn Groups

    If you're a member of the same group as another user, you can bypass the need to be a first-degree connection in order to message them.

    Group members are also able to view the profiles of other members of the same group without being connected.

    Join more groups to enable more messaging and profile viewership capabilities.

  • Optimize Company Page

  • Exposure and Visibility - Company page gives more exposure and visibility

    to your business, products or services.

    Gain Followers - This will allow your page followers to be able to keep in track of your company news, status updates and/or announcements.

    Add products and services - You can also add videos to each of your product or service listings. This gives you the ability and opportunity to showcase what you can do and what you have to offer.

    Recommendations - Company pages also have recommendations just like your own profile. Satisfied customers can now easily recommend you, your products and services

    Lead Generation Utilize LinkedIn advertising and Sponsored Updates to reach your target audience. Drive people back to your website capture leads via online forms and landing pages

    Reasons to Have Company Page

  • Generate Leads

    LinkedIn can help you generate leads!

    According to HubSpot, LinkedIn generates the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate than both Twitter and Facebook

    Get the most out of LinkedIn for lead generation:

    Maximize Company Page

    Consistent Status Updates

    Utilize LinkedIn Groups

    LinkedIn Ads

  • Get More Out of Company Pages

  • Company Image

    Capture attention with a fantastic cover image

  • Pay Attention to Specialties section of your company description, you will want to use relevant keywords for your company so youll be found in LinkedIn searches

    Company Description

  • Add images Talk about how

    users can benefit from your product or services

    Make sure your most important product/service is listed first

    Add videos and offers

    Company Products and Services

  • Collect Recommendations

    Ask for product and service reviews

    Users can leave a recommendation for anything you feature within the Products & Services tab of your Company Page

    Generate reviews of your marketing offers too if you choose to list them in promotions

    BONUS Use LinkedIn recommendations you've collected as testimonials on your website.

  • Add Company Follow and LinkedIn Share Buttons to Website

    Promote your company's LinkedIn presence and help grow the reach of your Company Page by adding the Company Follow button to your website.

    Consider adding the LinkedIn share button to your various content assets like blog posts, emails, and landing pages to extend the reach of your content to LinkedIn users.

  • You can post and share items like company news, events, promotions, relevant industry articles, and YouTube videos

    What should I post? LinkedIn members are interested in: 60% are interested in industry

    insights 53% are interested in company news 43% are interested in new products

    and services Time your status updates - LinkedIns

    busiest hours are morning and mid-day, Monday through Friday

    Post regularly and consistently Post up to 700 characters! Best Practices for Status Updates:

    Company Status Updates

  • Sponsored Updates

    Paid Sponsored Updates allow you to promote your message to others outside your company page following

    Target your update by location, company, job title, skills, group, gender or age

    Appear in the natural flow of a