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  1. 1. Tips for Wedding PhotographyAs each day passes, our memories of special events can fade. So, if you want to preserve your memoriesand revisit a special day again and again, photographs can help. The only problem is that sometimes thequality of our photographs isnt very good or we miss out on the opportunity to document a specialmoment with a photograph. There are many happy occasions that we experience throughout our lives,like a wedding, birthdays, office parties and many more. Perhaps of all of the occasions, a wedding is atthe top of the list of events we want to document properly. On this important occasion, Kelownawedding photography is here to help. If you want to make amazing memories through photographs thenyou have to pay attention and follow a few important tips:1. Sometimes, while pictures are being taken, the bride and groom can feel tired, overwhelmed or confused with regards to what they should be doing. You should, therefore, practice different poses, from different angles, before capturing the photographs. This will help ensure you end up with attractive photographs with which youre satisfied.2. Your poses should be decided on beforehand because, in the moment, we are often unable to think of new or creative poses. Talk to you photographer about the types of poses you would like to see in your pictures, so that they understand what youre looking for. Your photographer should have a good knack for capturing photographs from every angle.3. You need not wait for the wedding day to figure out what you want from your photography. You should go to the wedding venue before and figure out where you would like to be photographed. Make a list and share it with your photographer so that you are both ready and on the same page for the wedding day.4. Make a list of the relatives or friends whose photos you would like in your wedding album and tell your photographer about each of them. Sometimes, we miss out on having our loved ones in our wedding album.5. The last and most important thing you have to remember is the state of the bridal dressing room if there will be pictures taken there. That room should be clean and organized. You have to keep in mind that shelves behind the bride should not be left empty or cluttered, these shelves must be cleaned up and ready to go before photographs are taken.If you remember these tips, it will give you peace of mind that your photographs will be beautiful.Kelowna wedding photography is well-known for creatively capturing pictures on special occasions likeweddings. With the beautiful photographs from Kelowna wedding photography, you will be able torelive your wedding day any day, for the rest of your life.