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If you have purchased a static IP address through your internet service provider you can usually ask them to set up a reverse DNS entry for your purchased static IP address.


  • 1. Tips For Successful EmailDeliveryInboxemailservers

2. InboxemailserversOne of the most frequently asked questions ishow to best send emails, so that they actually getdelivered, and aren't blocked by the recipient'sspam filter. Here we give some tips on how tomake sure your emails get delivered. 3. InboxemailserversFollowing these tips will greatly improve yourdelivery rate, and ensure your business ororganization is bulk emailing in a professionalmanner. 4. Make Sure Your Recipients Really WantYour Email You should only be sendingemails to recipients whohave opted into your mailinglist. There are manylegitimate uses for sendingbulk email. This can included customerswho have purchased fromyou before, newslettersubscribers, organizationmembers, or others whohave explicitly requested tobe on your mailing list.Inboxemailservers 5. InboxemailserversIf you bought a mailing list from a third party,this is not a legitimate use of AutoMSW. 6. Use A Valid "From" EmailAddress The recipient should beable to reply to your email,and have it get deliveredback to you. Spam filters/software havea variety of methods todetect invalid or forged"From" addresses, and willoften block your messagebased on this.Inboxemailservers 7. Have An Easy Opt-Out Method If one of your recipientsdecides they no longer wantto receive emails from youthey should have an easyway to get off your mailinglist. This can be a link in youremail that directs them toa form on your web siteor immediately un-subscribesthem.Inboxemailservers 8. Have An Easy Opt-Out Method If one of your recipientsdecides they no longer wantto receivebulk email server providerfrom you they should havean easy way to get off yourmailing list. This can be a link in youremail that directs them toa form on your web siteor immediately un-subscribesthem.Inboxemailservers 9. Inboxemailservers You can also give other instructions forunsubscribing, like asking them to justemail you back with "unsubscribe" in thesubject. 10. Direct Send Specific Tips: When using AutoMSW's "Direct Send"method (the built-in SMTP server), youshould also have a static IP address with arDNS entry as described below:Inboxemailservers 11. Send From A Mail Server WithA Static IP Address Some mail servers willreject your email if itcomes from a mailserver with a dynamic IPaddress. Most home computers thatconnect to the internetthrough an Internet ServiceProvider (ISP) will often begiven a dynamic IPaddress by their ISP.Inboxemailservers 12. It is called a dynamic IPbecause it could bedifferent each time youconnect.Inboxemailservers If your computer isconnected via a dynamicIP address you shouldavoid using AutoMSW's"Direct Send" feature. 13. Instead, use your ISP'sSMTP server, which willhave a static IP address.Inboxemailservers To use your ISP's SMTPserver choose the"Change..." button in the"From" section inAutoMSW, and choose theSMTP mail server option. 14. InboxemailserversIf you would like to obtain a static IP address,contact your ISP. Many ISPs will offer a static IPfor an additional monthly charge. 15. Send From A Mail Server With A MatchingReverse DNS (rDNS) Entry Many mail servers willperform a reverse DNSlookup on the IP address ofthe mail server, and makesure it matches the domainname of that mail server. If it does not match, thereceiving mail server mayrefuse connection. Anti-spamsoftware may also doreverse DNS lookups beforedelivering your email to therecipient.Inboxemailservers 16. Reverse DNS is theprocess of taking an IPaddress and looking up thename associated with thatIP address.Inboxemailservers A properly configured mailserver should have areverse DNS entry thatmatches the domain nameof the server. 17. A good site to learn aboutthis, and do variouslookups or Lookup Server.Inboxemailservers If you have purchased astatic IP address throughyour internet serviceprovider you can usuallyask them to set up areverse DNS entry for yourpurchased static IPaddress. 18. Thank you!!! For more info log ontoo.. Inboxemailservers