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What to consider when Choosing a new kitchen Sink

Selecting the right sink for your kitchen renovation is easier said than done. Its a fairly permanent decision and the incredibly vast assortment of styles and combinations is enough to give anyone choice overload.

Analyze various kitchen sink options available in the market and then take a right decision.

Kitchen Sink Selection:

Kitchen Sink Options for you:Stainless Steel Kitchen SinksEasy to clean, professional look, plenty of longevityEnameled Cast-Iron Kitchen SinksSuper strong, Colorful, Built to last for generations but more prone to chipping than fireclay

Copper Kitchen Sinkstop-notch aesthetic beauty, forms unique patina over time, anti-bacterial properties

Fireclay Kitchen SinksStain and rust-proof, classic porcelain feel, fully ceramic design that may not last as long compared to cast-iron

Kitchen Sink Options for you:

How Many Basins for Kitchen Sinks?Choose Sinks of Basins as per your kitchen requirements. Sinks with different no of basins, styles and designs are available in the market.

Choose Top-mount or Under-mountAnother thing to consider is the fact that top-mount sinks generally come ready-made with holes to install your faucet. Undermount models require holes be drilled into the wall or countertop, complicating faucet installation.

Whether Hidden or apron-front?If your renovation plans include the repurposing of your old cabinetry, youll most likely want to choose a sink style that matches what youve already got.

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