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  1. 1. Tips For Hair Care
  2. 2. Apple Cidar Vinegar Apply 1:1 Mixture Of Water And Apple Cidar Vinegar For Bouncy Hair
  3. 3. Bottle Gourd Treatment Apply Bottle Gourd Juice To Your Hair For Shiny Look
  4. 4. Olive Oil Treatment Mix Olive Oil With Honey For Great Conditioning And Shine
  5. 5. Amla Make A Mixture Of Amla Powder , Castor Oil And One Full Egg . Apply The Mixture Into Hair And Leave It For 30 Mins. Good For Hair Fall.
  6. 6. Egg Treatment Use Full Egg To Condition Your Hair
  7. 7. Almond Oil Treatment Use Almond Oil To Treat Damaged Hair
  8. 8. Hair is the most attractive feature in human body. Certain hair care tips to be followed to get a strong and shiny hair. Vapolli offers high quality beauty products suitable for your hair.