Tips for decorating bedroom in the fall

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Very pretty home decor


  • 1. Tips for decorating bedroom in the fallIn our ten years of victorias deco, we have done many beautiful comforter sets.We usually save the best of the best for our Todays Specials. And this year wedid something unlike any other set we have ever done! I love the colors, theembroidered details, the handmade, especially the crochet, the fabricfinishesWhen shopping for the perfect look in a comforter set, make sure that you arenot locking yourself into a trendy look. Stretch your shopping dollars withtimeless and classic looks. Think to yourself, Will I get bored with thislook?and Is this look too bold and overpowering? You want quality fabricsthat feel good, but also have substance so that they will hold up to being usedover time!Now that its september, Im sure many of you are thinking about re-decoratingyour home for the cooler months Here are some easy tips for transitioningyour home decor from summer into fall:Color is an important factor.Addlayers of richness and warmth with richer,darker colors! Also, an easy styling piece that is so functional is the throw! Ifall of your tones are neutrals, a pop of sumptuous brown or warm golds can

2. bring on the cooler season, and there are so many fun fabrics as well as fauxfurs to wrap yourself up in.If you are not in the market for a new comforter set then a new set of sheets inautumnal colors can give that new twist to your exisisting look. I will show yousome pretty bedding sets.